The name we are going to explain today is one of the most chosen in Spanish speaking countries. It has a long history and has been translated into multiple languages. All the information about the origin, personality and meaning of the name Jorge.

What does the name Jorge mean


This name means «the man who was a farmer», that’s why the villages are plagued by boys who are called that.

Its origin or etymology

George’s origin dates back to Greek civilization, where they created his etymology. However, it began to gain popularity during the eleventh century, at the time of the Crusades. The explanation is based on the fact that it was St. George who caused the increase in the use of this name, as for many it was an inspiration.

From then until today, its popularity is still valid and in any street you could meet one. You probably know someone named Jorge. In fact, parents choose him more than Luis, Miguel or even Carlos.

How do you write Jorge in other languages?

The long history and fame of this name has given rise, over the years, to multiple variants in various languages.

  • In English you will know him as George.
  • In German you’ll see it as Jurgen, or Georg.
  • In French you’ll meet Georges.
  • Finally, in Italy you continue to meet Giorgio.

What people are known by this name?

Many men with this name are illustrious people or known to mankind.

  • The great writer Jorge L. Borges.
  • The former president of Argentina known as Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez.
  • Decades ago, George II reigned in Britain.

What’s Jorge’s personality like?

Coming from agriculture, as its meaning says, Jorge’s personality is the reflection of effort and hard work, someone who gives himself in body and soul to what he is engaged in. He makes every effort to do its utmost and to persist until it reaches its objectives.

In terms of work, he is usually dedicated to selling in any sector, be it tourism, industry or in stores. If Jorge has grown up in the city, he will love technology, which he will take advantage of to undertake if he wants to set up his company. In any case, Jorge will be a great idea seller of ideas.

In relation to his love life, the name Jorge suggests a man who bears with personality the most complicated stages of a couple, although sometimes these problems have been caused by him. Your love, if you do not have a strong personality could give up and end the relationship. However, this only happens rarely, as he shows his jealousy in a subtle way, not abruptly as others do, for example, Juan.

In the family environment, Jorge likes to have his own people together, especially on special dates. When he’s young, it will cost him to find his partner, which can make him take  long to find his own home.