Selenite, that stone as magical as transparent, essential in any meditation session. It can form the largest natural crystals in the world, and carries a fine and subtle vibration that will bring you a mental clarity like no other energetic stone.

Today I come to talk about selenite, the sacred stone in crystal form, are you coming?

What is selenite?

Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum; it is within the calcium sulfates and is presented in the form of transparent crystals or crystalline masses. The color of this selenite mineral depends on its quality, being more or less transparent and with a bluish-white hue. The name of this prodigious stone is not because it is an imaginary inhabitant of the Moon, although there are those who believe that it comes from our natural satellite.

The name selenite is due to the type of reflection, which is similar to lunar light. It has its origin in the Greek goddess of the moon, «Selene». It is a stone that is widespread all over the planet. In Spain there are selenite deposits in Teruel, Murcia and Zaragoza. This magical stone, also called moonstone, has the virtue of bringing mental clarity. Keep it near you when you feel the need to clarify your ideas.

Characteristics of selenite

Selenite appears in nature as a fine, striated and very delicate stone; these characteristics are common to those possessed by the crystal. That is why it is so similar. It has a transparency that makes it a very elegant stone, highlighting its softness compared to other minerals on Earth. Large sheets of selenite can be divided into very thin transparent plates. This is how it was treated in ancient times to be used as we use glass today.

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Today, selenite is extracted from quarries and used as common gypsum. Without losing any of its transparency, this special stone is able to change color due to the mineral particles inside it. Although the most common is to find this stone in its characteristic white color, the use of blue selenite in esoteric practices has made it the most famous of all.

There are also pink selenite, orange selenite, green selenite and even black selenite stones in Nature. A whole festival of color. Selenite is an energetic stone that is connected to the esoteric world. It emits very subtle vibrations and when it comes into contact with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, it allows you access to the angelic consciousness.

Due to its slender and curvy shape, it channels vibrations that give rise to the transmission of high-frequency energies. This is why it is considered a spiritual stone; without a doubt, it possesses everything necessary to become a magical stone.

Properties of selenite

Selenite stone emits vibrations that open the coronary and upper coronary chakras. Thanks to these special vibrations you will achieve a state of peace and tranquility at very deep levels.

  • Working with selenite helps you to concentrate while practicing meditation. It is very effective for your spiritual development.
  • The healing properties of selenite have an important impact on the energetic level:
  • Having a selenite stone near you helps you to improve your understanding and ability to make decisions under a much more objective point of view.
  • It is a great source of inspiration that gives you the clarity to see things much more clearly.
  • Great stabilizer of your emotions, this beautiful stone of a thousand layers manages to align all your chakras giving you a pleasant feeling of well-being.
  • It is especially suitable for treating problems of sadness and anxiety. Carry it always with you and you will be able to face your days with total security and self-confidence.
  • It brings you clarity of thought helping you to enjoy a pleasant feeling of fullness and confidence. Put your trust in a selenite stone and you will see much more clearly how you can solve all your problems. You will be able to put all possible options on the table, choosing the best way to solve them.
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Uses of selenite

It is such a versatile stone that you can use it for many things with magical effects, as it is. Let’s see what is selenite used for:

  • Thanks to its beauty you can use selenite stone as a decorative element in your home. Place a few stones around your home, on the outside, and besides getting a very nice decorative effect, you are protecting yourself from negative external influences.
  • You can also use it inside the house. Get a peaceful atmosphere by placing a large selenite stone on the surface you like.
    Whenever you want to meditate, keep your selenite stone nearby. Place it anywhere in your home, if you have not already done so, and let yourself be carried away by its enveloping magic while you relax.
  • This magical crystal that is our selenite stone helps you to cleanse everything around you of any negative energy that is causing imbalances at home.
  • If you place your selenite stone on the sixth chakra, the third eye, you will get such a brutal concentration that will develop your telepathic abilities.
  • The famous selenite wand is used in various oriental therapies, such as Reiki or Feng Shui. It is used at the end of each session in order to eliminate the energy released, balancing the parts of the body that you have worked on.
  • Use it in your lamps at home to harmonize everything inside your home. Our magic stone of today emits negative ions that are very beneficial for you because they clean the environment of toxic particles.
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