As direct and familiar as can be expected we all know a Miguel in our lives, either as a friendship, at work or directly in the family.

Curiously in Spain it is one of the most frequent and currently used names, stay to know more about Miguel in our meaning of names.

What can we know about Miguel?


More than 20 centuries ago names were chosen in a rather peculiar way, since asking religious questions was so frequent that they eventually became names, for example the name in question means where do I find God? how is miguel like? so it is more than likely that the first Miguel adopted this name due to his insistence to know those answers.

Miguel is a person who dedicates his life to give him the meaning and value he deserves, he meditates a lot each of his actions and always thinks each and every one of his decisions since he knows, that when something is meditated and done with head you get greater benefits than if taken lightly.

Professionally he is a person who achieves his goals and fights for them, so it is very likely that he is a great entrepreneur who dedicates his life to work achieving each of his goals gradually to get ahead of everything that is proposed.

Emotionally, Miguel is a name that has represented for years by the tenacity and the happiness, the commitment and seriousness to keep it, so that the known with this name get the love of your life and do not release ever, they are excellent lovers and very faithful, as a counterpoint, are very forgetful, so the details are not your strong point besides his shyness, but if you are able to overcome these small details happiness is guaranteed.


Familiarly, Miguel will leave his children to learn alone, to develop in life and receive their own blows, with this he intends to form his character and personality.

Etymology or origin of Miguel

As we mentioned above, this name comes from several questions, so it is to be expected that it descends from the Hebrew as Gabriela, Elizabeth and David.

These names usually correspond to motes that were formed as a result of the insistence of their owners to the questions they asked, often without known answers, if we split the name Mi means who, Ka means how and El corresponds to the God “Ugaritic”, if we put them together we get the name of Mikael, right now everything makes much more sense?

This fabulous name has its female variant, Micaela and some short names like Mic or Miki

 Miguel in other languages

  • With female variant in Italian we would have Michele
  • Famous and well-known Michael or Mike in English.
  • Michel is what you should call him in German.
  • Miquel would be his variant in Valencian.
  • Michael would be his name if he was born in France.

What celebrities can we meet called Miguel?

we can find many people who goes by Miguel that have triumphed in the workplace.

  • Miguel Ánggel Silvestre, is a handsome and renowned Spanish actor.
  • Miguel Bosé a singer with his strong character and catchy songs.
  • Miguel de Cervantes author of one of the best-rated novels in history, the Quixote.
  • Miguel Indurain great cyclist who set a stage in the cycling world.
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