In this article we want to introduce you to the name Miriam, one of the most popular names we can find. It has clear religious connotations, being very special for Christians. It appears in the «New Testament» in the Bible. If you want to know everything related to the meaning of Miriam, read on.

What is the meaning of the name Miriam?


Miriam literally means «Woman whom God reveres or loves». Therefore, it was a name used by the parents to give greater confidence to their God, a way to show their beliefs.

In relation to Miriam’s personality, she is characterized for being attentive to her friends and family, for needing the romanticism offered by those closest to her, and for not choosing any particular hobby. She needs to always have something to do, she doesn’t like to be still, she must be trying new experiences, adventures, etc.
What she does like is to do sports that allow her to really disconnect, such as those of risk (like bungee jumping); what she likes most is to do something to release adrenaline, and Miriam only gets it this way. We are talking about an impulsive woman who likes to travel a lot; she likes to expand her vocabulary and improve her personal relationships. For this reason, she tends to prefer public-facing jobs and public relations.

In the sentimental plane, Miriam will be very clear when she has found the ideal man for her; she is indecisive, so she moves from impulses, although it does not mean that she does not take her time to reflect. This impulsive way of reacting can sometimes lead to major relationship problems, but will eventually lead her to the right person. Above all, she looks for people who like to travel, to be constantly on the move and to get to know new cultures. What she does not like is infidelity.

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On the family level, Miriam is a woman who listens in detail to what her children want to do in life, and advises them on how to achieve their goals. She is much more active than her partners when it comes to keeping order in the house, and understanding when it comes to helping others deal with their problems. She likes others to give as much as she gives.

origin or etymology of Miriam

The origin of this woman’s name has roots in Hebrew. Specifically, it comes from the word term Myriam.

Experts do not quite agree on the meaning: while some think it is «Excellency» others claim that it simply means «Whom God loves». What is clear is that there is a relationship with the name Maria, since they share etymology. It is very popular in those places with a strong connection to Christianity.

As for its diminutives, we have Mir, Miri or Miry and it has no masculine forms.

Miriam in other languages

  • In English it is spelled Myriam or Mary.
  • In French you will find the name Marie.
  • In Italian and German it would be spelled Maria.

Famous people named Miriam

  • The famous musician Miriam Fred.
  • Miriam D. Aroca is a TV actress.
  • Miriam Sanchez is a forbidden film actress.