In this article we are going to give you all the facts about a different name, which inspires creativity, and which has a somewhat curious attitude towards love. Without further ado, we reveal everything about the origin, etymology, variations and other facts about the meaning of Monica.

What is the meaning of the name Monica?


Monica has the meaning of “Lonely woman”. Now, as you are going to see, she is not really a person who is associated with loneliness; in fact, those who know her believe that it is rather the opposite.

Monica’s personality is associated with a woman who likes to socialize a lot. She does not like to be alone, as alluded to in the meaning above. She is an extroverted woman, likes to communicate and has a special touch of charisma that brings happiness to the people around her.

At work, Monica is a woman who always has new ideas to improve any situation or problem. She stands out for her high creativity, like Gabriel, which makes her advance quickly in the professional world. She likes to lead and is good at it; she is organized and distributes the work efficiently. If she can choose the members of her group, she will always have the best by her side.

On the love front, Monica is a woman who has no problem meeting new people who can become her romantic partners. However, she is more about having friendships, which means that her relationships do not last long. She is very independent in her work, being very independent in this aspect.

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At the family level, she is somewhat independent, so she likes to trace her own path and will not take long to leave home. She will look for a quiet place to spend her life and develop, such as a house near the sea. She will transmit all her values to her children so that they can grow up with the same success.

Origin or etymology of Monica

This woman’s name has its roots in Greek. Its etymology derives from the word ”Monos”, which means “unique”. There are many references that support that the name comes from this thermal, as it happens with the meaning of the names, although there are also other hypotheses that assure that it comes from the word Moneo, and this means Who calls the attention.

This name was not very important at the beginning, it was rather an over-name. As time went by, it became more popular until it would end up becoming a proper name. Today it is not one of the most popular, but it always persists.

As for its diminutives, the most common is Moni.

It has no masculine variations.

Monica in other languages

  • In English and Italian it will be written as Monica.
  • In French we will find it as Monique.
  • In German we write it as Monika.
  • In Valencian you will find it as Mònica.

Famous people named monica

  • Tennis player Monica Seles whose fame dissolved before she started.
  • Actress / model Monica Belluzi.
  • Many more actresses share this name.