Here we have a woman’s name that is used all over the world. It is characterized by being spelled the same way in different languages, and comes from its French variant.

What is the meaning of the name Nicole?


Nicole can be translated as «Victory to all». This etymology is quite curious, and is that it derives from the term «Niké» directly from the Greek. This word will ring a bell, as it comes from one of the most important brands in sports.

Talking now about the personality of this name, we have a somewhat egocentric woman, who thinks that the world revolves around her. This makes her live surrounded by an aura that not all women have. She attracts attention both for her inner beauty and her outer beauty. She is a person the world wants to meet.

On the work level, Nicole is a person who loves the world of stylists, cosmetics, makeup products, and beauty. For this reason, it is common for her to work as a stylist, beautician, hairdresser or model of great styling, she could even create her own firm. She specializes in designing new styles, being one of her main hobbies. Therefore, it is common to see her creating new clothes, and these garments will generate trends among her closest circles. She is able to see beyond what is under her nose.

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On the love front, Nicole is a woman who will look for someone who loves her completely, who will devote all the time she has. For her, details are very important, because only in this way she will start with her personal relationships and prolong them. At the same time, she will reciprocate by returning all the passion and gestures of affection.

On the family level, he would like everything to flow according to the discipline of «Feng Shui». She would like to create a favorable environment for her home, to create a close relationship with her descendants and that they turn to her whenever they have doubts, when they want to express their desires or their fears. She likes to give advice for others to grow.

What is the origin or etymology of the name Nicole?

This proper name for a woman has its roots in Greek. The etymology comes from the word Niké, and its meaning is «Victory for all». Another interesting point to note is that this feminine name was formed through the other name Nicolas.

Nicole’s saint’s day is November 6th.

In relation to its diminutives, these denote affection, confidence and closeness: Nico and Nic

Nicole in other languages

Now, as with many names on this Name Meanings website, the name Nicole has no variants in other languages. It is spelled the same way in all languages. This is because it is a fairly recent name.

Famous people named Nicole

There are many women who were named Nicole, such as the following:

  • Nicole Anderson is a well-known actress.
  • Another popular Hollywood actress is Nicole Kidman.
  • The pop singer, Nicole Hohloch of German origin.