The name you are about to read in this article is probably one of the oldest names in existence, even though it is not one of the most chosen by parents. Its origin and etymology are somewhat uncertain, it is not known if it has a close relationship with Noah. Here is the meaning of Noah.

What does the name Noah mean?


Noah means «delight and relieved», that’s why it evokes so much tranquility when you hear this name, as well as a sense of well-being because of its beautiful phonetics.

Noah’s personality is that of a thoughtful woman, who thinks before she acts, she doesn’t like to overstep people’s comfort circle. Another of her most notorious traits is her analytical ability. She takes care to carefully study any situation in which she finds herself before acting, she does not usually say things that may later be bad for other people. Although it may seem that her life is somewhat monotonous, in reality she is always looking for something new to have fun with his friends or his partner.

At work, Noah or Noa, because of her analytical personality, you will usually find her in some branch of mathematics, physics or statistics. Any field that requires data interpretation is a perfect fit for her personality. Being calm and thoughtful, it is rare for her to have strong disputes with his colleagues, hence he almost never has problems and makes good friendships.


In love, Noah understands her partner’s character, so she has no problem adapting to a certain extent to her lifestyle. This creates a climate of tranquility and love without arguments. Of course, she will always expose her opinions openly, she thinks that it is much better than to remain silent increasing the rancor. She is a very detailed woman, as well as she needs the attention of her partner in key moments.

With her family, Noah sets her children puzzles every week for them to solve and exercise their minds. In this way, they will learn to think for themselves and mature before the rest.

Origin or etymology of Noah

The origin of this feminine given name is found in Hebrew. Actually, not much is known about its exact meaning. On the one hand they think it can mean «Delight», whose etymology resides in No’am, or relief, which in this case the etymology is not certain.

One of the first appearances resides in the Bible, as Noa is the daughter of a man known as Salphaad. In fact, that biblical character is considered to be one of the most important in the entire book.
Its best known variant is Noa, Noah. Noa is a unisex name, which can be used for both men and women.

Noah in other languages

  • In Hebrew it is spelled Noach.
  • In Swedish you will meet Noak.
  • In Lithuanian you will meet Nojus.
  • In French, Italian, German or English it is spelled Noah.

Famous people named Noah

  • Noah Cyrus (actress)
  • Noah Schnapp (actor)
  • Noah Jupe (British actor)
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