The color we are going to talk about next is a combination of two very important and popular colors: red and yellow, but in spite of everything it is a somewhat underestimated and unconventional color. As you can imagine, it is the color orange.

Below we explain the meaning and symbolism of the color orange.


There are about 45 shades of orange and as we have already mentioned, it is the result of combining red with yellow. Orange is an exotic color, associated with fun, Buddhism and food (flavor).

The name of this color comes from a fruit that is quite common today, but once was not so common. Often this color is confused with some shades of red or yellow, which is why we say it is an underestimated color.

Orange is associated with aromas and flavors, something that is not strange if we take into account that red is in turn associated with sweetness and yellow with acidity. In nature, foods with this color abound.

Because of the two colors it harmonizes, orange is also the color of fun, sociability and joy (remember that yellow symbolizes happiness and red symbolizes passion or emotion).

If we go back to the ancient times, more specifically to ancient Greece, we notice that one of the most popular gods of their mythology (Bacchus or Dionysus) was represented with orange clothing; the same as his priestesses. Therefore, it is also the color of fertility and ecstasy.

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Orange is one of the favorite colors of extroverted people, perhaps because it is the color of the flashy and presumptuous. Because of what it symbolizes, it is a color that children, wild people and many artistic people like very much.

Because of its characteristic, it has been a color widely used in advertising campaigns. Orange vehicles are usually driven by very young people and contrast with the sobriety of more expensive and elegant cars.

When it is used in clothing, it is important to take into account the occasion, since it cannot always be worn (as it happens with other colors such as black and white). People who wear clothes of this color generally seek to be the center of attention and in many cases may be somewhat frivolous people.

Clothes in this color are generally used by women and very rarely by men. It is a color that looks great on those with tanned or dark skin, but also on those with lighter skin.

As for the negative aspects of orange, it is important to mention that it is a color associated with danger (many traffic signs are of this color).

Positive aspects associated with orange

  • Fun
  • Extraversion
  • Taste

Negative aspects associated with orange

  • Danger
  • Frivolity
  • Lack of elegance