Some names catch our attention for being very tender, for presenting themselves as they sound. They are easy to pronounce and we appreciate the majesty the moment we do it. And that’s why we invite you to know the meaning of the name Paola.

What is the meaning of Paola’s name?


This woman’s name can be translated as “little woman”.

What is the origin or etymology of Paola?

The origin of Paola has roots in Latin, and appeared during the time of the Roman Empire. It is a variation of Paula’s female name, and features a pair of diminutives you may have encountered at some point in your life: Pau and Pao.

 Paola in other languages

It is very curious how this name has been varying so much over time.

  • In Spanish or Spanish, We will find this name as Pau or Paula.
  • In English Paula will also be written, in the same way as in German.
  • In French, we have the beautiful name of Paulette.
  • Paola is a name that is used a lot in Italy.
  • Finally, in Russian we will find it written as Pauvia.

Well-known celebrities with this name

There are many women who are called Paola that have managed to gain a well-deserved fame.

  • Paola Rey (pasión de gavilanes) and Paola Volpato are two great actresses.
  • Paola Longoria is a popular
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How’s Paola?

Searching Paola’s personality we have a woman who does not usually have much luck in the world of love. She likes to find her perfect match and get the duration to be lasting. This is because she is a very distrustful woman, so she shows her jealousy a lot. This causes the couple to create a certain feeling of estrangement, as if they were not compatible, which can cause them to end up breaking up. These jealousy will be very common when they start… but if they manage to overcome the problems, she will be able to give everything for the person in front of her, making the problems disappear. Let’s say it’s a way to give him a reward for having endured so much.

Paola is a woman who usually easily earns the trust of her environment, that is why she will never disappoint anyone. She is always sure of what the next step will be: if you want to tell her something, you should not doubt it, since she will always be willing to help you in everything you need. It is a very marked trait of her personality, which makes her develop well dedicating herself to education, or to jobs related to public relations, Administration, Banking, even in commercial jobs.

As for the family plan, Paola is a woman who stands out for her iron health, and is that her children will always be healthy due to the care she gives them. Always follow the directions given to her by the pediatrician. Thus, will ensure that her children also have this iron health, they will always go to school and get the best possible grades. Her partner will always be proud of her as she knows she has a man to lean on.

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