Patricia Name Meaning

It is not every day that you discover a name so especially beautiful, and Patricia besides being very feminine has some extraordinary qualities, women with this great name are strong personalities, hardworking and very persevering, do not stop there, read on to find out more about the meaning of Patricia.



Knowing a person with the name Patricia is always a good luck and a good company, as they are cheerful seriousness, a feature that brings a smile on their face and a temperance for the problems that certainly makes them stand out, as its own meaning indicates Patricia is “Nobility in a woman” so we will always be facing a person with a big heart and sincere feelings.

In the work environment Patricia can forget about relationships if she has a job that completes her, that is why sometimes we can find great patricias who are out of any sentimental relationship, they are tough competitors and can develop multiple activities in different areas to feel complete.

In the sentimental area Patricia is quite severe with her feelings, it is difficult for her to remain attentive to details and depends a lot on the other person to be constant and know how to cope with such situations, if she is embarked on a business venture it is more than possible that the relationship will not succeed because her lack of attention will force the other person to leave, On the contrary, if the other person is a fighter and entrepreneur, it is more than likely that the relationship will be a success because this type of person undoubtedly attracts them, this is because both dedicate their space to work and do not feel pressured or harassed.

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The origin of this feminine name is in Latin. Its exact meaning is “The nobility present in a woman”. The etymology lies in two terms: “Patricius” and “Patrici”. These come from another word, “Pater”, which means “Father”.

In ancient Rome, this was the name given to the privileged estate, to which only those persons descended from “purebred” Romans could belong. It is not known when it was established as a proper name, some believe it was before the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, we know a male variant, Patricio, and several diminutives such as Patri, Paty or Patty.

Patricia in other languages

The truth is that this name does not exist in any other language since there are no known variants of Patricia so far, so in Spanish, English, German, French, Catalan… we will write it exactly the same way.

famous people named Patricia

At present there are several women who have achieved stardom with this fabulous name, let’s see some of them:

  • A famous and well-known TV presenter, especially in the after-dinner show ”Se lo que hicisteis”, is the beloved Patricia Conde.
  • Patricia Arquette is a great actress and very well known in the Spanish cinema for her unparalleled films.
  • Patricia Ramirez is a great and well known psychologist.