Surely you know someone in your life who has the name Paula, and we are talking about a name that has a long history behind it, with an interesting meaning that we analyze below.

What is the meaning of the name Paula?


Some people think that this name is related to the negative, which translates as «Weakness or small woman» but this is a false myth that has spread.

It is true that the personality is very similar to Patricia has a very kind character and a very good and sincere personality. This woman has her own way of being and behaving because of her kind character and her good and sincere personality.

When we talk about work Paula is happy in her field, since the science, the mathematics or any field that needs of an extraordinary intelligence will be the one that but it calls the attention to her, on the other hand she likes to take care of her mind and her body, reason why the diets and the nutrition are one of their strong points.

If you are lucky enough to have Paula in your love life you are in luck, they are great lovers and very conservative in the relationship, so having a Paula in your life is synonymous of having a stable, faithful and lasting relationship.

However, Paula’s friends should take care of the relationship for two, as she tends to be little detail and often forgets to have small details that keep the friendship afloat, when Paula falls in love is when more neglects friendships, but beware, if they give you stand up is when more about them.
In the family sphere it can be said that Paula is the ideal wife, lover and mother, since her closest link maintains and protects her in amazing ways.

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Where does the name Paula come from?

From the Latin language and very used in the Roman Empire, this name acquires strength thanks to its beauty and simplicity. It was incredibly famous and one of the preferred names by parents when naming their female descendants.

We can find a male variant, perhaps not as famous as her own name, this would be Pablo and her diminutives as Paulita, Pauli, Pau.

Paula in other languages

Paula is a name that has lasted throughout history without varying too much its pronunciation or spelling.

  • Its French pronunciation and spelling would be Paulette.
  • In Russia they are lucky to have Paula.
  • In English and German we will find the name exactly the same as in Spanish.
  • Its Italian variant is perhaps the one that changes the most since the name sounds like Paola.


  • Paula Radcliffe athlete and elite sportswoman.
  • Paula Vázquez is a beautiful and charming TV presenter.
  • If we want to have a prestigious actress we have Paula Molina.
  • Paula Jones is beautiful, funny and not real, since she is the character of a video game.