Pedro is a name that is related to strength, constancy and never gives up in the face of the trials that life puts before him. It is precisely this persistence that helps him to achieve everything he sets out to do, what no one else is capable of achieving. He is a loving, tender and persistent person. If you want to know more about the meaning of Pedro, we invite you to continue reading.

What is the meaning of the name Pedro?


Pedro means «Strong and persistent as rocks»; this means that he will be able to endure any kind of obstacle in any situation. There will be nothing that will make him back down.

Peter’s personality is associated with a fun-loving person, although he needs to have a loving person to be completely happy. He is able to express without fear all the feelings he has, to externalize them and to show them so that his environment can know them. He speaks calmly, always tries to speak slowly, and is not shy at all, so he can relate without any problem.

At work, Peter is a lover of science. He loves to investigate and make new discoveries; he is interested that his work serves to make people happy, that it really improves the quality of life of his environment. Another of the sectors in which he excels is acting, so he could be an actor in the theater, in Hollywood, or in any other country. It is another way for him to show his way of being to the world.


When it comes to love, Pedro is the man who usually takes the plunge. He is not very clear when it comes to seduce his partner, but it will be his persevering attitude what will make him never give up. It may even take months for the other person to notice him, but he will succeed. Once the relationship begins, he will give himself to the other person, being at his side for everything he may need. He is not jealous: in fact, the fact of seeing how other men try to seduce his partner makes him value her even more.

Pedro seeks to have offspring: he would like to have 3 or 4 children, he would even like his children to travel a lot, so that his legacy spreads throughout the world.

origin or etymology of Pedro

The origin of the name Peter has Latin roots. Specifically, the etymology derives from Petrus, which translates as «stone». Hence the meaning of strength. In Spanish it is very common to meet a person named Pedro, and it is one of the most popular names. It has a very affectionate diminutive, Pedri, as well as the variant Petra (Italy).

Pedro in other languages

  • In English, the spelling of this name is Pete, or Peter.
  • In German we have many other options, such as Petrus or Peter.
  • In Italian we have two options: Piero and Pietro. There is also the diminutive Pier.
  • In French we have the name Pierre. Another variation is Pierrot.

famous people named Pedro

  • The film director Pedro Almodóvar.
  • Pedro del Hierro is a man who founded the brand with the same name.
  • Pedro Rodríguez is a soccer player for Barcelona.
  • Pedro Sánchez is a left-wing politician.
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