Pink is a soothing color that influences feelings by inviting them to be gentle, soft and deep, thus inducing us to feel caring, love and protection. The key words associated with pink are innocence, love, surrender and generosity.

Today I invite you to see the world in pink.

The color pink is born from the combination of red and white, which are opposite and psychologically contrary colors, and therefore pink, as an intermediate color, acquires qualities of both, although it also has its own character: there are concepts and feelings that can only be described through pink, and also all the feelings associated with this color are always positive. Pink is the color that no one can say anything bad about.

As opposite colors, red and white confront strength with weakness, activity with passivity, fire with ice. Pink is the ideal middle ground between the two extremes: gentle strength, energy without agitation and pleasant temperature. Pink is like a baby: green is the color of plant life, red the color of animal life and pink the color of young life.

The psychological opposite of pink is black, and young women and men tend to prefer black and despise pink, because they consider it a childish color. Older women, however, like pink as a young color, and the older they get, the more predilection they have for it.

Let’s go into detail as to the most representative characteristics and influences of the color pink.

Charm, Kindness, Delicacy And Sentimentality

Rose is the name of a well-known flower and a typical woman’s name that also appears in other names such as Rosalia, Rosanna or Rosita (in general there are no flower names used as male names). All the qualities attributed to the rose are considered typically feminine, as it symbolizes the strength of the weak through charm and kindness. Perhaps this is why it is not a very appreciated color in the eyes of men (although this is currently changing), since it feminizes and attenuates the traditional masculine qualities.

Pink is the mixture of a warm color (red) and a cold color (white), symbolizing in this way the noblest qualities of commitment. It is not a color associated with elemental forces because it is not strong, but soft and tender, qualities that make it the color of delicacy, and by association with the other feminine qualities, the color of sensitivity and sentimentality.

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Sensitive, Romantic, Erotic, and Nude.

Because of its relationship with sensitivity and romanticism, pink has become, in recent decades in the West, a faithful representative of femininity. This association is what has led to baptize with its name a literary genre destined essentially to women: the pink novel, which is also known as romantic novel, and which generally narrates the vicissitudes of lovers whose love usually triumphs in the face of adversity.

Pink also induces us to think of skin because of its similar tone, which makes it a very erotic color, the color of nudity (usually light-skinned people say we are white, but in reality we are pink).

Where naked skin looks most beautiful is in a pink environment, which makes this color very appropriate for dreams where erotic bedrooms appear to us. Together with white, pink seems completely innocent, but together with violet and black, with which it forms the chord of seduction and eroticism, pink oscillates between passion and immorality, between good and evil. Do you notice its influence?

Sweet and shocking

The color pink is associated with the scent of the rose, sweet and delicious, and that is why it is the color of the best confections. What we expect from any food with this color is that it delights us with a sweet and smooth taste. The well-known «Mon Chéri» bonbon is traditionally pink combined with violet, which makes it adult and erotic at the same time, ideal for a candy containing alcohol.

One of the most underappreciated and shocking colors is pink, which is an intense, saturated pink. It is one of the most garish colors in existence and has none of the traditional feminine qualities. It is the color of unserious advertising, the most garish accessories in fashion and the cheapest plastic items. When everyone got tired of orange, pink became the typical color of plastic and so pink unfairly became the typical color of cheap.

Dreams, Illusion And Miracles

To be illusioned corresponds to a state in which we see everything in pink. The «seventh heaven» is pink, and «a world of pink» is a world too beautiful to be true. The French say «c’est la vie en rose» when they mean that life is like a dream. Also medications that lift the spirits of people suffering from depression are called «pink pills».

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Pink belongs to the world of dreams and illusions, the world of the unreal and miraculous. Everything that is not realistic in any of its forms is pink. In certain medieval paintings depicting the homeland or the life of a saint, one sees entire cities, and within them some pink houses. The people of the time knew what this pink meant: miracles had taken place in the pink houses.


Whoever intends to use colors creatively, most of the time combines the qualities of a color with things that possess those same qualities. Tender, soft, sweet, little pink goes very well with things that are also tender, soft, sweet and small: a little pink heart, a little pink flower, a young girl dressed in pink, a little pink sheep or bunny, a pink balloon.

However, when pink is used in an unconventional way, effects and signs can be created that are capable of attracting attention. This is achieved, for example, by combining pink not with the soft and delicate, but with the hard and rough: a pink cactus, a pink hedgehog or a pink hammer. Or combining it not with the small but with the big: a pink elephant or a pink dinosaur. Or with the wicked instead of the cute and funny: a pink devil, a pink crow or a pink shark.

Historical curiosities related to the color pink.

  • Pink was not always the color of the feminine (today it has also ceased to be so) as in times past it was a rather masculine color. For example the well-known and relevant British newspaper «Financial Times», dedicated to the then very masculine world of finance, has been printed since 1888 on pink paper.
  • Until 1900, the color for girls and young boys was white. If their clothing carried ribbons, these were almost always red, because according to tradition, red ribbons protected against the evil eye. The fashion of pink for girls and blue for boys was born around 1920, and it is a cast that contradicts our symbolism, for which red is masculine, and pink (the little red) is the color of little boys. That is why, in ancient paintings, the Baby Jesus was usually painted in pink, both in 13th century and 19th century paintings, in which he never appears dressed in light blue.
  • In the Museum of Childhood in London can be seen, as the earliest example of pink clothing for girls, a box with six pairs of pink booties and pink stockings, a gift received in 1923 by Princess Mary before the birth of her first child (in addition, of course, to blue shoes and stockings). The princess had only sons, and bequeathed the pink garments to the museum, as an example of the then new colors for babies.
  • When pink became a feminine color, it also became a color of discrimination. During World War II, homosexuals who could not meet the ideal of masculinity were locked up in concentration camps, where they had to wear as a badge a pink triangle sewn into their clothing. The pink triangle, or the color pink, is often worn by homosexuals in their public activities as a symbol of former oppression, although for them it has never been a positive color of identification.
  • Madame Pompadour (1721-1764), a lover of art and exquisite taste, made fashionable the combination of pink and light blue that today seems to us typical of rococo. There is a color difficult to obtain with mixtures, the «Pompadour pink», which the porcelain manufacturers of Sèvres created for her: a pink with obvious traces of blue, some black and some yellow. At that time both women and men wore pink, because according to tradition pink was considered a masculine color. In the paintings of that time it is common to see men in pink silk suits, and women in light blue dresses.
  • In Japan, adult movies are known as «pink movies», associating them with women and everything feminine, innocent or childish. In this country pink has a clear sexual connotation because everything pink is associated with women, either by the pink tone of their skin, sexual blush and a few thousand other reasons.
  • In Spain it is called pink press or pink (or heart) programs to those that focus mainly on deciphering (and distorting) the vicissitudes that occur in the lives of famous people.
  • Because of its representation of all things feminine, pink was the color chosen for the ribbon representing World Breast Cancer Day.
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