Premonitory dreams have been part of human history. Probably the best known premonitory dream is written in the bible, where a pharaoh dreams of 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows, while Joseph interpreted this dream as 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine.

However, there are older records that tell of indigenous tribal leaders who had premonitions and were quickly interpreted in favor of the indigenous people. In fact, most of the sacrifices that these ancient cultures performed were made after the leader of the culture had a particular premonition dream.

But history has also taught us other aspects of premonition. With the advent of social media we have seen stories being shared of people who predicted wars, world problems and even who the next presidents and important people would be.

To understand premonitory dreams it is necessary to study their techniques, concepts, benefits and even dangers. Therefore, we created a detailed guide about these dream visions.


Premonitory dreams are dream visions that provide special details about possible future events. Occasionally, a person may constantly have this type of dream and only have one occur, while other people have a premonition sporadically, but with a high rate of assertiveness.

It is believed that to dream premonitory dreams means misfortune. Actually it is not so, that is to say, the dream visions can be negative as well as positive. However, it is necessary to study the real meaning of the dream and differentiate a visual impact from a premonition.

In the last few weeks, many people had dreams about meteorites after NASA sighted a meteorite that would pass near the earth. Some dreamed that it would impact, others that great danger was approaching. However, all of these dreams were the result of a visual impact they had during the day.

So, premonitory dreams go beyond a dream episode. Experts assure that this type of experiences can be considered a gift in people, which they possibly do not develop because they ignore their conditions.

Why do people have premonitory dreams?

It is considered that people who have premonitory dreams have trouble sleeping or suffer too much excitement at the time of sleeping. Students of clairvoyance stated that they discovered this gift because it was impossible to sleep peacefully. Thus, it is believed that premonition is related to the energies that a dreamer may have.

To understand the reason for this, we must study the concept of para-scientific. Where these methods of premonition are done through intellective intuition, using a rational-deductive model. That is, so far it is only believed to be an intuition that has had a result to what was believed, but it is not a scientific fact.

However, the reasons are due to predictive dream sensitization. That is, the fascination that a dreamer begins to have about the meaning of their dreams, leading them to become highly predictive and accurate. So are these dreams a gift or a practice? There is still a long discussion about this question, for now, you should learn how to have premonitory dreams, to draw your own conclusions.


Oneiric sensitization is the key concept to learn how to have premonitory dreams. It is a practice that includes several techniques, but the fundamental is based on the interpretation of current dreams and the study of dream visions.

Before being able to dream premonitory dreams, one must understand concepts such as lucid dreams or impact dreams. The latter are the most common dreams that people have after receiving strong news or reading about some theory that has impacted them. An example of this was those people who constantly dreamed that the world would end in 2012. In some cases, other people are in charge of including false ideas in people and that these people reproduce them during the night.

Premonition is based on practice, therefore, it is necessary to learn techniques to have premonitory dreams and to know how to interpret them.

Techniques to have premonitory dreams

Liberation and mental tranquility. This is the first rule and technique to master in order to control dreams. The mental liberation consists of separating the situations of the day with the normal development of a dream. More than a practice, it is an emotional state.

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The dreamer cannot be in an episode of emotional or work stress, nor with feelings of anguish. The above only generates mental distractions that can even make you have dreams that when trying to describe or interpret them, will only end up bothering you mentally.

However, a dreamer in a state of lucidity and mental tranquility can concentrate on his dreams. In this way, he can go into details for a correct premonition.

Organization of mental ideas. Before entering your dream, you must have a series of key mental ideas. This means that the dreamer cannot force his dream, only wait to have it to be interpreted. Forcing or trying to manipulate the dream is known as lucid dreaming and this practice is totally different.

When you organize your mental ideas, you begin to notice details in the environment that will help you understand the meanings of the dreams.

Dream Interpreter Technique. At this point begins the real technique to have premonitory dreams. It consists of compiling all the ideas and visions you had during the dream to look for their true interpretation. That is, what events occurred in your dream vision that will be key for the following days.

Being an expert dream interpreter will help you to have premonitory dreams. But this phase of your life is done with practice and study. It requires you to study all possible dream interpretations and their meanings become practical for you, through the analysis of the interpretations.

Analysis of interpretations. It is a technique annexed to the previous one, look for relatives, friends or acquaintances who like to hear about the meanings of your dreams. Perform small studies, but when you say goodbye to this person, write down your interpretation on a piece of paper to analyze the results.

Generally you will receive news as the days go by whether your dream prediction was true or not. At first you may not deliver accurate predictions, but over time you will become an expert at predicting. In addition, you can create your own database or source of information about what you think a particular dream means.

Excellent memory. This point is a recommendation rather than a technique. When you wake up you should have the ability to write down the dream, as well as remember what prediction you gave to a friend and find out if it was so or what happened did not relate in any way to what you predicted.

To begin with I recommend a notebook and a pen next to your bed, this way you will keep a dream memory like Sigmund Freud. Which you can later analyze and interpret.

Technique of premonitory dreams. Some months should have passed since you started interpreting other people’s dreams or your own dreams. At this point you should already be aware of your concepts and be cautious in your recommendations when interpreting dreams.

From here, you are able to have totally describable and predictable dreams. But you probably want to evolve, however, it is not clear to make an explanation of what you should do.

Experts recommend that you become a critical, philosophical and political person. It should be noted that when we refer to politics we are looking for the concept of society and economy, not supporting a political party or politicking.

The idea is that the more concepts, start to receive from your environment and study theories and other philosophers, you become a wise person. That is, someone who understands the political, economic and statistical panorama that lives in your city, then your region, then your country and finally your continent.

It is essential that you study your environment little by little, it is useless to be a connoisseur of much and a master of nothing. This only turns you into someone with many ideas and even your dreams can start to be confusing when you receive so much meaningless information.

How to interpret premonitory dreams?

Once the previous techniques have been applied and learned, it is time to interpret premonitory dreams. In theory, all dreams that are not influenced by television or something lived during the day, are premonitory.

However, the interpretation of dreams portends positive or negative changes for the dreamer. However, a premonition is based on an event that can affect many people and even predict the fall of the stock market or the murder of someone important.

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The concept is the same, a prediction is similar to a premonition, the radical difference is the accuracy of your dreams with the upcoming events and that your dreams impact a society. To make this clear, let’s take an example.

A dreamer has had a dream vision about a boss cutting his hand with a knife, the interpretation is that you are going to have a problem in your job or a danger as a result of a betrayal. If this happens and it only affects you, it was an accurate prediction of a dream. Now, if there were several workers who lost their jobs and a client betrayed them, then it is considered an accurate premonition dream.

Although it seems like an illogical concept, over time you will begin to identify when your dream may affect an entire society or simply affect you. As time goes on, with practice and study, you become an expert at predicting and premonition of your dreams.


The benefits of premonitory dreams are based on their usefulness, which means that a dream that predicts a serious illness and that turns out to be so, may seem to be a negative disadvantage, but seen from the dream world, it is a great benefit to have interpreted it.

The meaning of negative or positive dreams was given by men, but in reality for this astral plane nothing is positive or negative, it is simply part of a premonition. Even, some ancient mythologies assure that their thinkers only wrote down the dreams and waited for the result, in this way they determined their meaning, no matter if the result was negative or positive.

So, it is advisable that you become neutral and fair when interpreting dreams. If it is a premonition that portends a death, it is time to give this information as it is interpreted. This is the main benefit of having premonitory dreams, it becomes a way to see the future and play with destiny to try to mold it to your convenience, only when they are individual dreams.


Fanaticism is the main danger of a premonitory dream. When you wake up you must have the ability to recognize a positive or negative premonition, but always live your normal life. You should not become someone who only lives through dreams, as it can affect your proper normality and start giving you false dreams.

Throughout the article we have explained the importance of study, training and inquiry. This requires the dreamer to be in constant open spaces sharing experiences and analyzing dreams. You should not live unrealities and believe that your premonition is a divine law, because before you begin to gain gifts, you will begin to lose them.

Finally, it is important to be prudent and humble in this situation. You should not refer to yourself as a person with the gift of premonition, as at some point someone may receive a false interpretation and you will end up paying the consequences. The great masters were so categorized by society, but they never called themselves masters or divine beings.


The following movies will help you understand what premonition is and what you can achieve with a correct dream interpretation. Next to each title, I will explain the reason for watching it. In addition, the list will be organized in such a way that you will gradually learn more about this world. It is likely that you have already seen them, but with the above information try to repeat them and you will notice the key concepts.

Lost (2014). It is directed by David Fincher and stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris. Although this movie is not about dreams, it consists of a woman who through a notebook and her thoughts predicts what would happen if she disappears from her husband’s life. Each event happens just as she imagines it, which brings home the power of organizing ideas. This is the first movie to watch about premonitory dreams.

Angels and Demons (2009). Starring Tom Hanks, his character begins to have visions of the end of the world. The film takes place in this context and gives you an insight into how understanding each part of the dream can help you escape and save the earth. It is a recommended film to learn about the importance of details in a dream.

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Premonition (2016). An elderly man who is able to see events from the past helps a group of detectives, including a doctor of psychopathology, solve some murders. The main theme is that the murderer sees the future and the mythical Anthony Hopkins will try to prevent it. It is a film where the mental capacity to predict, explain or detail events of the present and the future comes into play.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Although this is one of the films that highlights the importance of nightmares, there are a variety of sequels to this story. They all relate to dreams and how the manipulation of dreams can cause a person’s death. On a real level, it will help you identify the problems that can be caused by an ill-founded ideal or a misinterpretation.

Final Destination Saga (2000). The five-film Final Destination Saga explains how premonition works in reality. Although it is not a movie to train your premonition skills, the explanation to everything that happens when kids don’t fulfill death wishes, warns you about the dangers and situations where a premonition can change your life. If you have already seen the whole saga, I recommend you look for the parts where the character in the funeral home explains to the boys what is going on.

Inception (2010). The movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio quickly became a must see for those who study dream interpretations. This movie will help you understand about the sleeping experience, hypnotism and the importance of delivering the right message.

The Butterfly Effect (2004). Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, it tells about a boy who is able to see several versions of his destiny. You probably enjoyed this movie in the past, but understanding how a premonition changes the outcome of your destiny is key to your training.

The Science of Dreams (2006). A young man trapped in his dreams, finds it increasingly difficult to escape his imagination. This causes an unreality, which begins to generate problems in his life. It is a special film to delve into the premonition of dreams.

Beyond Dreams (1998). It is one of the mythical films of Robin Williams. It mixes several beliefs, situations and problems to understand how an action generates a series of situations in negative sequences.


After the movies, you enter a stage of needing to know with your own criteria what the premonition of dreams consists of. At this point the real training begins, since the following books are part of a long trajectory of thoughts and philosophy related to dreams.

The Interpretation of Dreams – Sigmund Freud. It is the greatest authority in the interpretation and analysis of dreams of the twentieth century. From a psychoanalytic and psychiatric point of view, Sigmund Freud delivers the result of years of research on the analysis of the psychic behavior of his patients and their own dreams.

Memories, dreams, thoughts – Carl Gustav Jung. Sigmund Freud’s favorite disciple, explains the training he had, his studies, discoveries and also his life. It is a book to study with prudence.

The meaning of dreams – José Márquez. As its title promises, it is a book with more than 300 meanings of dreams. More than looking for the meaning, it tries to guide you in the study of each type of dream.

The great book of dreams – Emilio Salas. It is considered a dictionary of dreams. In the book he makes a compilation of the details of dreams and how they should be interpreted in real life. Together with the above book, you can start to have your own dream library.

How to interpret dreams and visions – Perry Stone. Once you have studied a significant number of dreams, this book will help you to give a correct interpretation to each vision. Premonitory dreams are only predictive if they predict the truth. Although it sounds redundant, it is the basis of these dream visions.

Lucid dreams – Dylan Tuccillo, Jared Zeizel and Thomas Peisel. Although lucid dreams and premonitory dreams are different, this book will help you understand a little about relaxation techniques, concentration and dream management. It is a book to find another vision of dreams.

The Science of Dreams – Diego Calb and Ana Moreno. It is a book that scientifically explains dreams. It gives you important concepts that will be useful when learning to interpret or have premonitory dreams.