In this article we bring you an ancient name, very popular in today’s society, one of the most chosen names in Spanish speaking countries. Stay tuned, because I am going to introduce you to the origin, personality and meaning of Rafael.



Rafael means «The God who has managed to heal himself». It is a little strange, but as we say in Meaning of Names, ancient names have a reason to be, many centuries ago most people were superstitious.

Raphael’s personality is characterized by great charisma, he is good at persuading people to influence his actions. He does not use this quality to manipulate others. He is not a good boss, but is attributed more the role of a leader, because he stimulates his employees or his teammates to do their best, with a reward in return.

In the workplace, Rafael is simply a leader. It doesn’t matter what industry he works in. He fosters an atmosphere of positivity and knows how to delegate tasks like no one else. He never stops thinking about how to optimize his team’s productivity so that they are less stressed and find themselves in a welcoming atmosphere. That’s his name, he always thinks of those around him.

In his love life, Rafael maintains the same attitude. He is one of those men who is more comfortable in long-term relationships. He has a people skills like the name Vanessa. He does not argue without reason, he is sincere and does not hold grudges. If he commits himself, he means it, one of his greatest virtues.

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As for his home, Rafael has no special interest in being the father of the family. He does not care about that subject, he prefers to create a climate of stability and a welcoming family that is at ease with his friends, enjoying life.

Origin or etymology of Rafael

This masculine given name has an origin in Hebrew. Hebrew is one of the languages that has generated more names to this day, perhaps because of its antiquity.

There are some very popular diminutives, such as Rafita, or Rafa. There is also a feminine variant, Rafaela.

Rafael in other languages

  • In English you will know Raphael.
  • In Italian it is spelled Raffaele.
  • In French you may come across Raphaël.
  • In German it is spelled as in English, Raphael.
  • In Russian you will come across Рафаэль.

famous people named rafael

  • Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player in history in Spain, and one of the best in the world.
  • Rafael Van der Vaart, soccer player.
  • The very popular poet Rafael Alberti.