Raul is a popular name that is included among the top 20th of Spain’s most popular names for men, even up to the top 40th of Spanish-speaking countries. Parents often choose it for their children for all they represent: it relates to success, perseverance and courage. So that you can know in detail all about this name, continue reading the meaning of the name Raul.

What is the meaning of the name Raul?


It has its roots in Germany and its most common meaning could be something like “the brave counselor” or “wolf counselor”; although it is true that this latter meaning does not make so much sense, but rather is a synonym for courage. Raul is a man that can be compared to the howling of a logo. And that is that the very hiatus that forms «au», if you pronounce it elongating it will be able to imitate the howl. In addition, his way of being is also similar to that of the wolf, doing the impossible to achieve his goals, without anything stopping him.

What is Raul’s origin or etymology?

Most of the names on this page have their meaning in Hebrew. In this situation, Raul’s origin is in the Germanic, in particular it comes from the word Raðulfr, who was a German authoritarian who had the power.

A very common mistake is to confuse this name with Rodolfo. The mistake comes from the thought that it comes from the term Hrodulf. The one he does have a relationship with is Radulfo.

Raul in other languages

This name does have some interesting variations in different languages, like the following:

  • In English, you find it as Ralph.
  • In French there are two variations: Either Rodolphe or Raoul, the last being, the most common
  • In German, the name is Radulf.
  • Finally, in Italian it also has a similar name: Raul.
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Famous by the name of Raul

  • We have Raul Gonzalez, who is crowned as one of the best Real Madrid players. He was a long-time forward and won several titles.

How is Raul?

Raul is a person who has a way of being basic, though not simple. Parents decide to call their child that so that they can have the Traits of a person characterized by being funny, able to point the way wherever they go. It is highly valued by its closest beings, who feel protected when they are near.

In the workplace, he has great courage and enthusiasm to embark on any kind of project. He can engage in risky jobs, such as high-ranking military positions, or running a country as a politician. It is also common to see him become a policeman, although it is not usual for him to become a doctor or a teacher.

As for his family environment, Raul doesn’t have much trouble expressing his opinions before everyone, always showing affection to those he loves, especially his sentimental partner. He cares a lot about others. He lets himself be guided by the heart rather than by his mind.

However, this way of doing things, of expressing your feelings in such an open way, can lead you to act in an inappropriate way, sometimes harming the nearest people. Trust blindly in your intuition, take him wherever he takes me.