The meaning of the color red comes from its relationship with fire and blood, so it is often associated with danger, conflict, energy, determination, and passion. Like orange, red is a stimulating color, and can affect the human metabolism, increase the respiratory rate, and even increase blood pressure.

In the West, the most prominent meanings of the color red are: excitement, strength, courage, stimulation, and impudence. In addition to these meanings, we have to highlight the relationship between red and the chakras. The meaning of the color red in the chakras is directly related to the first chakra, the Base Chakra. This chakra is in charge of the connection of the body to the physical plane and stimulates the most basic and primitive instincts. As with the meanings of red mentioned above, Feng Shui also relates red to passion and energy, but in addition to these meanings, it adds the relationship to work and material possessions.

It is also worth mentioning the negative meanings of red, among these, it is worth mentioning anger and rage, it can even represent hatred.

The meaning of the color red according to psychology and medicine

From a psychological point of view, the meanings of red convey a sense of security, confidence and emotional stability. So a person who unconsciously uses the color red is usually aligned with one of these three psychological states.

We cannot forget the meanings of red for marketing, and its uses. Generally, in marketing, red is used to draw attention to a particular element and to generate a sense of urgency, or emergency.

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Finally, we have the effects and meanings of red, from a physical point of view. These are the effects that a person can feel when being exposed continuously to the color red, for example, an example of such a situation would be to work in an office with red furniture or red plants. This color transmits vitality and action, this effect is very noticeable, and can trigger: palpitations, increased muscle tension, elevated blood pressure, and accelerated breathing.

With this, we finish this small introduction to the meaning of the color red, if you want to know more about this color, you can read the entries of the colors related to this, such as orange, or violet, or you can see the articles of the colors that combine with red as green, black and blue.