Rodrigo Name Meaning

There are names that are destined to succeed, because they settle for little and have a very simple personality. In this article I want to show you all the information about the origin and meaning of Rodrigo.

What does the name Rodrigo mean?


Rodrigo means «glorious man». It is very similar to the name Nicolas, as it is closely related to triumph and success in life. However, they are not so similar in character.

Rodrigo’s personality is associated with a very formal man. He always tries to dress discreetly or, at least, with a classic but attractive style. In public he tries not to draw attention to himself, he is quite discreet, but not boring.

In his working life, Rodrigo is usually in charge of positions that require high responsibilities. He is very good at managing employees and delegating tasks. When he is working, he focuses his mind so that nothing distracts him. It is a difficult thing to achieve, he does it by meditating at least once a week. In his job he shows a disciplined, dedicated and serious personality. He usually works in the area of finance and accounting.

In his love life, Rodrigo is not at all impulsive, his thing is long-term relationships and he respects the other person’s space. It is difficult to have problems with him because he is happy with any situation, he does not usually argue over trifles. However, sometimes he can seem to be not very dedicated because he thinks a lot about his work, but not as much as Ximena.

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In the family sphere, Rodrigo does not mind not being the moral leader of the family, although he is usually the economic leader. At first it is hard for him to become independent, because he does not usually follow the rules to get a good job. But when he succeeds, he will try to live close to them because they are an important emotional support for him.

Origin or etymology of Rodrigo

This masculine given name has a Germanic origin. Its etymology comes from two terms: hrod, which means «glory», and ric, which means «with power». Until arriving at the version in which we know it now, the name Rodrigo has gone through forms such as Hrodric. Its Latin translation is shown as Rodericus, while in Spanish it was first used as Roderico or Rui. It is currently popular in Latin American countries and in Spain. From it appeared the surname Rodriguez.

Rodrigo in other languages

Due to its long history, over the centuries different spelling variants of this name have been generated in other languages.

  • In English it is spelled Roderick.
  • In German it is Roderich.
  • In Italian you will know Roderigo or Roderico.
  • In French it is Rodrigue.

famous people named Rodrigo

There are quite a few men who have been named Rodrigo and became popular or famous.

  • Rodrigo Rato, Bankia shareholder and former politician.
  • Brazilian soccer player Rodrigo Caio.
  • Rodrigo C. Giráldez, a renowned actor.
  •  The poet and writer Rodrigo Caro.