The ruby is a precious stone that appears in nature in different sizes and shapes so it offers a great possibility when it comes to be cut. Its hardness is only inferior to that of the diamond, which makes it one of the most resistant gemstones. In addition, as it does not present cleavage, it is very difficult to suffer breakage. The ruby is a type of red corundum; those that are blue are known as sapphires so, in fact, we can deduce that rubies and sapphires are practically the same stones except for their color.

Where does the ruby come from?

It is known that the first rubies began to be mined 2,500 years ago in Sri Lanka, although today it is Burma that holds the honor of being the country that supplies the most rubies in the world.

Burmese rubies from the Mogok Valley are considered by many people to be the best in the world. However, rubies are also extracted from other countries in the world such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kenya or Tanzania.

Thailand has important deposits next to the Cambodian border that made it the largest exporter of rubies in the world, but due to environmental legislation, it has been forced to drastically reduce its extraction. One of the most valued rubies is the one known as «pigeon’s blood» which is extracted in Burma, specifically in the Myanmar mines.

How is a ruby valued?

The price of a ruby is determined by observing the intensity and uniformity of its characteristic red color. Therefore, the most valuable rubies are those with a medium intensity red color that appears uniformly on the surface of the stone. However, those rubies with an intense pink color that have a clear and beautiful cut are also highly valued.

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The key to valuing a ruby is to subject the stone to different light conditions. In strong light the ruby will appear much more intense in hue than if it is placed in dimmer light. For this reason, light is a determining factor when valuing a ruby. Another aspect that is valued in rubies is their symmetry. For this, they are placed upwards to examine them, always observing their beauty as a whole.

Healing properties of ruby

The ruby is indicated in the treatment of impotence and seminal losses.

It is also effective in resolving weakness, fears and mental problems as well as heart disorders, diabetes, loss of vision and appetite, prolonged fevers and indigestion.

It is indicated for the treatment of infectious diseases and also for immune system problems such as leukemia.

Ruby relieves pain, colic, ulcers and constipation and helps to control the burning sensation in different parts of the body.

It has also been used to alleviate the consequences of mental retardation of any kind because its red color stimulates the blood and makes it circulate with energy throughout the body including the brain.

Spiritual properties of ruby

The ruby is excellent at removing emotional obstacles which helps to regain not only confidence in oneself but also in others. It has the power to stimulate emotionally and that leads to know and get the highest values of each one. In addition, it drives away bad thoughts so it is ideal to chase away sadness. Thanks to ruby, it increases mental energy, which favors concentration.

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It stimulates diplomacy which makes us stay away from aggressive situations and behaviors. Wearing a ruby helps to attract luck in love. In addition, it establishes special connections between two people aligning the love between them. At times when we are having a particularly bad time, the ruby will help us to understand why we are stressed or distressed and also to make the right decisions to get out of that state.

The ruby brings energy and passion for life, illuminating the darkness inside someone who is mired in sadness and depression. Gradually, it will bring light to the spirit and mind, completely renewing your outlook on life but always within a realistic attitude. However, it is not a suitable stone for someone who is very energetic as it can transform this energy into aggressiveness.

Correspondences of ruby

  • Chakras: ruby is perfect if you have blocked the chakras of the solar plexus, the lower and between the eyebrows.
  • Zodiac: ruby is related to the signs of Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Virgo and Pisces.
  • Element: Fire
    Deities: Butla and Khrisna