In this post I want to introduce you to one of the most beautiful names in my opinion. It is simple, phonetically pleasing and represents the purest nobility in a man. It has been generations since it was first used, we hardly remember when it was. We are talking about the history, origin and meaning of Samuel.

What does the name Samuel mean


Samuel means “man whom God hears”. If you look, he is the trusted man of the divine, because he is pure and kind.

His personality is associated with nobility, honesty and human essence. Samuel always does what he thinks is right, and rarely gets it wrong. He only listens to constructive criticism, ignoring those that do not contribute anything.

At work, he is usually engaged in branches of basic trade, such as sales in stores, warehouses or markets. He never deceives others; in fact, Samuel trusts his superiors blindly, something that from time to time can play him a bad professional and personal turn. He has a hard time learning from these mistakes because he is a very naive person.

With this male name, in love is no different. Samuel gives himself and trusts his partner fully. The problem is that he does not realize that it is too sticky, women end up burdened and the breakup is inevitable. He will only find a stable partner when you find a girl with a similar personality.

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When Luck smiles at him, Samuel does not hesitate to start a family with at least two children. In the same way, he is very attentive to their happiness and education, they thank him for it. He keeps in constant contact with his friends, and with his parents.

He is usually quite a traditional, religious man, although he allows his family to choose their ideals and have their own way of thinking.

Origin or etymology of Samuel

The origin of Samuel lies in the Hebrew language. As I have mentioned, its meaning is fully religious, since it means “man to whom God pays attention” It is a very similar meaning to the name Juan and David.

One of the first mentions is found in the Bible, specifically in the Old Testament. He was the last prophet of the judges, succeeding Moses.

This name has a female variant, Samanta, and several diminutives: Sami, Sam or Sammy.

How is Samuel written in other languages?

The truth is that there are not too many variations in other languages, orthographically speaking.

  • In German, English and French it is written the same.
  • In Italian it is written Samuele.

What well-known people are there with this name?

There are several famous people who were named Samuel at birth.

  • One of the most successful footballers in history-Samuel Eto’o.
  • Cyclist Samuel Sanchez.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is a prominent Hollywood actor.