Sandra is a woman’s name that stands out for its strength, for its dreamy spirit and for being realistic and optimistic at the same time. If this is the name you are going to give to your daughter, then it is very important that you know its characteristics in detail. Read on to know the meaning of Sandra.

What is the meaning of the name Sandra?


Sandra means «protective woman». She is a person who in her life wants to reach the top. She demands a lot from herself and has strong values that help her to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She firmly believes that the best way to achieve her goals is to stay true to her ideals.

Sandra is defined by her characteristic personality: she is a fighter, but at the same time a realist. In her being she has the key to achieve whatever she sets her mind to, but she is aware of her abilities, but also of her limitations. She will always have a smile on her face, which she will transmit only to her friends and relatives. His attitude is attractive, casual and somewhat cheeky at times.

In relation to the work environment, in the same way as Paula, she tends to be a woman of science. She likes new technologies, DNA analysis, the study of new drugs and being able to break with the established, to improve the quality of life of any person. She has the ability to achieve great things. And when he has some free time, he usually devotes himself to social causes, such as attending soup kitchens and shelters.

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In relation to the sentimental world, although Sandra is very independent, she is also romantic and detail-oriented. She will put up with a lot from her partner, unless there is an infidelity. She is looking for someone to meet, to be with for the rest of her life. The only requirement she asks is that the personality is similar, that they are able to get along for there to be real love.

Sandra is also a restless woman, she does not like to spend a lot of time at home, let alone her free time. Although she is a woman who can be described as quiet, she needs to go out to air with her environment, with her family and friends. She likes to talk a lot about the environment in which she lives and how to improve it. She does the impossible so that her children can grow mentally.

Origin or etymology of Sandra

This proper name of woman has Greek roots, specifically, its etymology is found in the word Αλέξανδρη, which would end up deriving in «Alexander».

We can find this masculine variation: Sandro, Alejandro or Alessandro, and these two diminutives: Sandrita or Sandri.

Sandra in other languages

Sandra is a name that is spelled the same in any language; however, there can be important variations as far as pronunciation is concerned.

Famous People named Sandra

There are many women who have the name Sandra, and who became popular because of it.

  • Sandra Bullock is a good Hollywood actress who has made many movies. Some of them are: Gravity or The Proposition.
  • Sandra Lozano She is another actress.
  • Sandra Sabates She is a TV presenter.
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