Not all names have to be long, complex or difficult to pronounce, today we present a short name, cheerful and with a very beautiful meaning that will undoubtedly captivate your heart, accompany me to know the fabulous meaning of Sara’s name.

Who can tell us the meaning of Sara?


The meaning lies in its simplicity since Sara means “Princess” a strong and charming but very subtle meaning, perhaps this is her strong point and the reason why so many people call her offspring so.

The so-called Sara have a strong personality, are very sincere and know how to take care of their friendships, betrayal does not enter their vocabulary and are intelligent and passionate.

Sara is very creative, so in the workplace she will always be attracted to jobs where she can overcome herself and test her design skills, sectors such as Decoration, Design, New Product Development. Constantly growing Sara advances with her work learning and improving from every criticism and comment and can even despair her colleagues when she is right.

As for love, Sara is one of those people who needs to feel loved and protected in a continuous way, since as we have well known for its meaning “she is a princess” and she likes to feel like such, she is always looking to make happy and feel happy, so her path does not end until she finds her prince charming. He is not always able to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him in life; sometimes he wishes he had said something to whom he could have been his half-soul, his love forever, and will regret it forever. She would always live thinking about what could have been, but it never came to be.

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In the family environment, Sara always seeks perfection, so her children will always be in the best of environments, warm, protected, and very well cared for and cared for, she is very familiar and likes to take care of her own and those around her.

Etymology or origin of Sara

In the second century A C we find the woman of Abraham to which this name refers since in Genesis we can appreciate the term Śārāh “princess” coming from the Hebrew just like Ian.

We can find several diminutives for this tender name Sarita, Sari.

How is Sara written in other languages?

Despite existing almost 2300 years, it has not evolved into many variants in other languages.

  • In German, English and French it is written Sarah.
  • In Italian, Spanish and Valencian it is written Sara.
  • Finally, in Russian It is Cappa.

What celebrities can we find with Sara’s name?

There are many famous or popular women who received this name after being born.

  • Fabulous singer and actress who marked a time in Spain Sara Montiel.
  • More known as Buffy Vampire Slayer we have the actress Sarah Michele Gellar.
  • Renowned porn actress in New York Sarah J. Parker