In the following article we are going to introduce you to a name that, although it has a clear meaning, its personality is not at all easy to understand, even it can be somewhat uncomfortable on certain occasions. Without further delay, discover the meaning of the name Sebastian.

What is the meaning of Sebastian’s name?


Based on what the origin is, this name will have different meanings, but the most accepted is «Honor».

Origin or etymology of Sebastian.

Sebastian’s Origin has Greek roots. It is not well known what term it comes from, there are some theories that it may be any of the following: σεβαστεύω or σεβάζω, which can be translated as «Honor», or maybe σεβαστιάς, which means «August». There are also other theories, but the above are the most likely.

 Sebastian in other languages

There are many variations of the name, these being the most accepted.

  • In English and German they are written as in Spanish, but ignoring the accent.
  • In French, the name is Sébastien.
  • In Italy the name will change to Sebastiano.
  • In Russian, Себастьян is written.

People known by the name of Sebastian

There are many people known by this name, such as the following.

  • One of the popular Moto GP drivers, Sebastian Vettel.
  • A place you should visit: San Sebastian.
  • Sebastián Prieto a popular tennis player who has reached the glotria
  • A historical figure, Sebastian I, King in Portugal.

How is Sebastian?

Sebastian’s personality is based on being bold. However, this does not always have to be good, and is that sometimes you do not know what he is going to do. He does not always act logically, and this can cause him some problems in different areas of his life.

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This man likes to get attention. Sebastian is a curious person, who does not stop researching what he proposes, what has caught his attention. This makes it possible to devote itself to many areas of research, for example, in the scientific field. In the event that he proposes to investigate something, but an even more interesting thing appears, he will try to do everything at the same time.

On the Love Plane, Sebastian is an unpredictable man who likes to keep up with his relationships. In the event that he is in a stage of jealousy, it can become a little heavy, and this will create an unpleasant feeling that will cause everything to be destroyed. If he manages to overcome this stage, he will be very happy with his partner.

Finally, in the family environment, it does not usually appreciate him in the way that he deserves. His children will miss him a lot, and it is that he will always be working, or with a Distracted Mind. Because of his personality, he can become a rather lonely person. He likes to go out to meditate, but he does it without the members of the family nucleus.

We hope that this information about the meaning of the name Sebastian has been of interesting to you. Next, we also recommend that you learn more about these names that start with S, as you are sure to learn much more than you think.