This name stands out for alluding to a discreet, persevering man, and for always having an optimistic attitude towards life. Sergio is a person who follows his instincts, courageous and brave, capable of helping others in their worst moments. Read on to learn all about the meaning of Sergio.

What is the meaning of the name Sergio?


Sergio can be translated as «The guardian man». He is characterized by doing the impossible to defend his assets. He will never abandon the people around him, no matter how many problems he may have with them.

Sergio’s personality is double standard: We find a person of great strength who seems to be able to endure everything, always with a smile on his face. However, inside we can find a certain fear and indecision. He is very appreciated by his friends, as he will always find a way to cheer up their day. He manages to make anyone he meets laugh. In addition, he is so discreet that he is able to keep his own personal problems to himself.

As for his professional background, Sergio is a man who stands out for specializing in the sciences. He really likes the subject of modern medicine, specializing in the development of creating new formulas to cure diseases that cannot yet be cured, or improving diagnostic techniques. He will dare what has never been discovered. Although he knows that his work will be full of obstacles, he believes that it is worth following through to the end of the road to get good results. He enjoys rap music and reading.

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On a personal level, Sergio knows that he has to look for a woman who is like-minded and compatible with him. It costs him to get confidence with the girls but, at the moment in which he finds his better half, there will be them almost from the first moment. It will be from that moment when he will make the impossible thing to conquer it, maintaining the relation united and avoiding any obstacle that can be presented. He is a faithful man and one of those who does not forgive being cheated on.

At the family level, Sergio is a person who stimulates his children so that they can choose their own path: he encourages them to go ahead and to think about what they would like to do since they are small. This way, he will avoid shattering their dreams as most fathers do. He is the patriarch of the family and likes to keep an open mind.

origin or etymology Sergio

The origin of this name is not exactly known. The vast majority of historians think that it derives directly from Latin, and that its etymology is «Sergius», although it is not very clear either.

A very uncommon diminutive of Sergio is Gio or Dumbi as an affectionate nickname.

Sergio in other languages

This man can be found translated in many languages, although there are not too many variants:

  • In Italian and German it will be written in the same way as in Spanish.
  • In English and French you will write it as Serge.
  • In Russian you will find it as Serguey.
  • In Turkish it is written Serj.
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Famous people named Sergio

  • Serj Tankian is the well-known singer of System of a Down.
  • Sergio Dalma is a musical genius who composed «Bailar pegados» among other songs.
  • Sergio Ramos is a popular soccer player of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid.
  • Sergio Busquets is a well-known soccer player.