This time we share with you some interesting information about one of the colors that we often relate to gold and that has an interesting symbolism. We are talking about the color silver.

Below we explain what is the meaning of the color silver and what it symbolizes.


There are 20 different shades of silver. It is the color of the moon, modernity, mental clarity and dirty money.

Of all the colors that exist, silver is one of the least popular. If you ask people what their favorite color is, there are hardly many people who will say silver. This is because almost no one associates it with a color, but with the precious metal.

Silver always appears in the background, since among the metallic colors it is the gold or gold color that takes the lead. For this reason, it is not surprising that this color is generally used as a decorative element; not as the main color.

It is the color of smallness, dynamism and speed. In this sense, it is common to see silver-colored automobiles; likewise, many airplanes and ships are also silver.

Because it is more abundant, the metal from which silver is derived is much more widely used than gold. Silver is found everywhere in the world.

Silver is one of the colors of solemnity, money, luxury and pomp. Silver is related to greed and the materially evil.

It is also a feminine color, closely related to the moon and therefore to the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is the color of cold blood and planning.

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One only has to remember that werewolves and ogres are killed with silver to realize that silver is a color that has also been seen to be closely related to magic and the night.

The functional, the technical, the objective, science and intelligence have also been represented with the color silver. Gray is regularly sought to be ennobled by comparing it to silver, hence the term «silver hair».

Positive aspects associated with the color silver

  • Modernity
  • Objectivity
  • Femininity
  • Solemnity
  • Elegance

Negative aspects associated with the color silver

  • Coldness
  • Greed