A life full of success in the professional sphere, but difficult on the love side. That would be the summary of this name, which in Spanish has reached high levels of popularity in recent years. Her personality is peculiar but adorable at heart. Don’t miss it, below I reveal all the details about the origin and meaning of Susana.



Susana means «Woman with lotus flower».

Susana’s personality is associated with unhappiness in love life, as she is a person who finds it hard to make a long-term commitment. She is also very demanding of herself and others. It is possible that she sets expectations that are difficult to meet in her soul mate. At the beginning of relationships, they are often afraid of infidelity, it is the least tolerable thing in a relationship. Your love must give you confidence and security to overcome this stage quickly.

However, at work it is normal to see Susana achieving success. She is a born leader, she is extremely good at managing teams of employees, she will climb the ladder and will rise like crazy. She has a dialectic that many envy, communication with her colleagues is fluid and close, she easily attracts the attention of others, in addition to having a great capacity for conviction. She will often hold a high public office.

Susana’s main hobby is her family. When she finds her ideal man, she marries early and has between 2 and 3 children. Her relationship with everyone is very close and trusting, they constantly discuss current affairs and her mind is open to admit her mistakes in front of her children.

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Origin or etymology of Susana

The origin of this feminine given name is found in Egyptian. Specifically, its etymology lies in the term «lotus flower». Its first appearance dates back to 2000 BC: it is one of the oldest names ever seen. On the other hand, in Susa, a Persian city, it also gained popularity.

The most frequent diminutive of this name is Susi, but there is also Susanita and Susan. There is no masculine form.

Susana in other languages

  • In French it is written Suzanne.
  • In English you will come across Susan.
  • In German you probably know Susanne.
  • In Italian it is spelled Susanna.
  • In Valencian and Spanish it is spelled the same, Susana.

famous people named Susana

  • Susana Monje, related to the world of sports.
  • María Susana Flores, model.
  • Susana Rinaldi is a very famous singer.