In fact we already talked about the tiger’s eye stone in the post about «the meaning of natural stones».

But we find so exciting everything that surrounds the mineral tiger eye that for this reason we have decided to dedicate a whole article to this extraordinary mineral for you to know in detail what is the meaning of tiger eye and the wonders that lie behind it.

What is the meaning of tiger’s eye stone?

The meaning of the tiger eye stone is related to balance and strength.

Of course, to this meaning we must add the esoteric meaning of the tiger eye stone which is related to the elimination of bad energies, the evil eye, envy; hence the tiger eye stone is widely used as an amulet to protect against curses. In general, it is a liberating stone both of mind and emotional ties that do not favor us; conclusions that we can reach through meditation with this stone.

With it we will gain confidence in ourselves, blocking the doubts that paralyze us and many other properties and virtues of which we will go into detail below.

Properties of tiger eye

tiger’s eye stone has many virtues and properties that can help you overcome certain complicated times, for example.

As we have mentioned, it favors mental balance, which is what will make you find the solution you are looking for; and this balance helps you to think calmly, eliminates fears and indecision and makes you reach the solution and from there to the action that will eliminate them from your life.

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It is also a stone that emanates a lot of positivity that is associated with the sun. But let’s go into a little more detail about all its properties, take note!

Emotional and psychic properties

The tiger’s eye stone has as spiritual and emotional properties the ability to:

  • Attract positive energy, as well as courage and luck.
  • Attracts inspiration and creativity
  • Promotes self-confidence, eliminating those fears that keep you from moving forward.
  • Improves communication and blocks shyness
  • Helps us in meditation to eliminate mental burdens.
  • It helps to overcome suffering by removing negative feelings and emotions such as aggression or anger.
  • It has the ability to make us see what is useful and what is not to discard it from our lives.
  • If we want to break up with someone and stop having a relationship, the tiger’s eye stone will help us to do so, as it is a liberating stone and breaker of emotional chains.
  • As we have said, it favors self-esteem; being ideal for introverted people because it will make them have enough courage to open up to others.
  • It helps to increase concentration.
  • It charges you with positive energies and purifies you.
  • It drives away anxiety and attracts optimism.
  • It is the ideal stone to attract money by using it together with green candles in a spell.

Physical properties

In physical matters it can also help you to overcome certain problems such as those we are going to explain below:

  • If you feel sad or depressed place the stone between your eyebrows and relax to reach a meditation that makes you think about what makes you feel that way to give the solution and therefore end it.
  • It helps to solve certain respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.
  • And it helps to purify the organs and blood of narcotic substances and alcohol.
  • It frees you from stress and helps you find calm if you place the stone on your head while breathing deeply to achieve meditation.
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Curiosities of the tiger eye stone

As you can see, there are many virtues and properties that emanate from the tiger eye stone; but we must also recognize that there are other myths about it that are worth mentioning and that will surely leave you open-mouthed. Now you will understand:

And it is that it was the amulet stone of thieves, if it is not still, because they thought it would bring them luck while they carried out their misdeeds. Gamblers also carry this stone with them to bring them luck in gambling. Although like everything in this life, when you want to abuse something, it stops working, if it does not go against you.

In the Middle Ages it was used to ensure the fidelity of the woman while the man went to fight in the battles. What they did before leaving was to give their wives to drink milk where they had previously introduced the stone; with this what they supposedly got was that if the woman was unfaithful she could not get pregnant by her lover.

Travelers and adventurers used the tiger’s eye as an amulet to help them reach a good port and give them the necessary courage to be worth in these new and unknown lands.