It is not true that dream funeral is a prophecy or foreshadowing of a loved one due to death. Generally, everything related to death, is a subject usually left a mark in our subconscious. For this reason, many dreams deal with these issues, for example, to dream of the death of a family member, to dream of cemeteries, etc On the planet of dreams, and in the specific case of the dream with funerals, your subconscious can point to many aspects of yourself. But, What does it mean to dream of a funeral?



While in real life, funerals are the way of firing, and honour who has left us, the planet of dreams has other nuances. Leave a phase of our life to start another different we can produce dream of a funeral, or for example to dream of the funeral of a loved one who is still alive is your desire to lengthen your life and love you the best.

Strange way of proving it, right?. Dreams as you know is to be interpreted always and at all times under a personal point of view. In this way, a person ends up losing someone you love can dream of such a funeral by the enormous pain that is still suffering at the step than at other times to dream of a burial is your desire to erase or bury those bad memories that you have. Read the next few examples to get an idea of how to interpret these dreams.

Dreaming of your own funeral

It is a dream more common than people think. So there are certain alterations as to dream that you buried alive, especially if you are a person hypochondriac. Moving to another way of being and leave behind small vices, hobbies or complexes can producir to see you at your funeral in a dream. You want to bury a part of your being to make progress in other aspects.

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  • If the deceased is a loved one, this is interpreted as a dependency face this person.
  • To dream of the funeral of a person who does not have love, it means shame and confrontation. Not incur the drawback that surrounds the situation that troubles us with this individual leading up to the moment that addresses the issue face-to-face.
  • Dream that we do not even know the deceased is a wrong prediction of disease.
    To dream of a funeral on a recurring basis is a trace of something that annoys us and what we hide the reality, despite the fact that we believe that we do not do evil to absolutely no one with this.
  • To dream of the funeral of your father, mother or child when you are still alive indicates that you are not happy in your life and you need to get more time for yourself and above all more freedom.
  • Dream with the funeral of a baby, announces the arrival of a new baby to your family.

To dream of a funeral can suggest feelings of frustration. Sure, on occasion I’ve stopped to ponder for what reason you do not finish things you start. Is it for lack of patience?,Why lack of motivation?,Do you estimate that it’s because of your restrictions?. Whatever the reason for your dream, with burial points to the frustration that you feel when you can’t finish the things that you consider.