To dream of clouds indicates all the positive and negative things we have gone through in our life. Also, it represents the past of each individual, personifying what deteriorates our happiness. However, clouds are also associated with spirituality, consciousness and the inner world of each dreamer.

Nevertheless, dreams with clouds reflect on a person’s life. As well as the projects we face with adversities, which we must solve to successfully overcome their realization and achievement. The fighting spirit of these dreamers is reflected in this dream vision.

Within the subconscious plane, this dream manifestation predicts the feelings of a person that can be analyzed both positively and negatively. In this sense, it reveals that they are problems that have not been resolved and that in the present insist on causing discomfort.


According to the mood of the person dreaming, clouds can indicate depression, punishment or religious ties. If you dreamed about them, they are forewarning you that dangers and problems are approaching. However, in general terms these symbols represent tranquility, joy, abundance and happiness in the dreamer’s life.

But to analyze the meaning of dreams with clouds, you must visualize the different forms they have. And thus, consider characteristics such as the details, the environment and the sensations experienced during the dream. Dreaming about them, can have other meanings, such as the increase of the dreamer’s religious feelings or the negative influence of something or someone that obscures your life. However, we will see the variants below.

Dreaming of black clouds

Clouds are generally associated with the weather conditions of a region (good or bad weather), meaning that when we analyze a dream we should not omit this aspect. If you dream of black clouds means presence of conflicts in the area in which it develops.

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If you dreamed of black clouds, they symbolize loss, disappointment and dismay. They reveal that we have done everything in our hands to achieve the proposed objectives, however, we have not obtained the expected results. This can lead us to employ other strategies that lead to success.

A dream vision with black clouds symbolizes dangers and anxieties, which come at a certain or particular moment of our lives. These negative events, we must face them so that the uneasiness fades away.

Dreams with white clouds

To dream of white clouds means moments of peace and tranquility. It is interpreted as that the problems that overwhelm us at some point in life, will be fixed. A symbol of hope, faith and good vibes that will bring you moments of happiness in a short time.

If we dream of white clouds that shine, they represent that the problems present in your life will be solved favorably. But if the sun passes through them, it means that the presence of bad times will be brief. Remember that the sun can override a negative meaning in a vision.

To dream of white and serene clouds symbolizes our inner peace, which cannot be altered or affected. Since you will maintain a serenity that you have never had before. This vision is one of the best at dream level, since it faithfully portrays the reality of life.

Dreaming of dark clouds

The meaning of dreams with dark clouds symbolizes danger and adversity for the dreamer. In the event that you dream of dark clouds forecasting a storm, it may mean that the issues and troubles you already have will worsen.

If in your dream the clouds are dark and you see many of them, this foretells quarrels and problems. Similarly, dreaming of dark clouds represents spiritual depression, which means that you will be slow to achieve what you desire. This vision is also related to worry. The presence of dark clouds in your dream may also indicate the appearance of struggles or battles you are going through in your life.

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Dreams with clouds and storm

Having a dream vision of clouds and storm often indicates a specific situation or person that brings up powerful emotions and feelings. It can also show you the need to be aware of the problems that are approaching your life in the very near future. You need to face them with caution, in order to maintain as much peace of mind as possible.

Dreaming of clouds in the shape of animals

Dreams with clouds in the shape of animals indicate the presence of new challenges to face. So, you should be attentive to what is approaching, because it will allow you to design strategies to achieve with satisfaction the desired results and not constitute impossible obstacles to overcome.

Dreams with gray clouds

Many dream analysts point out that this gray dream vision means bad omens in love. However, others claim that they are an indication of sadness and nostalgia for other times. The longing for people of the past, for childhood and happy situations, is the most distinctive feature of this manifestation.

If you have dreamed of a silver-gray cloud, it represents that depression is about to end. If you see blue-gray clouds, it means that the human soul needs to clarify some questions because they cause you anxiety.

Dreaming of red clouds

If you dreamed of red clouds, it is because a situation may cause you insecurity. Since it is signaling you the presence of situations that will cause you anger, disgust or discomfort. While if you visualize them in pink, they indicate the presence of happy moments that you will share with loved ones.

Dreams with clouds and rain

It is important to visit the doctor in case of any sign of illness. If you have dreamed of clouds and rain, it predicts an imminent deterioration within our organism. Which if it becomes real, can become a disease of relevance.

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Dreaming of colored clouds

Whoever dreams of colorful clouds will present in real life changes of mood and instability in their way of thinking. The changes in our behavior by the presence of certain events, generate surprise in our lives. Since many times, we have to make corrections in it to achieve our purposes.

Dreams with clouds and lightning

When you dream of clouds and lightning, it usually represents that our emotions have come into conflict. Since, the storm generated by these two elements together, points us to the internal problems through which the dreamer is going through since he cannot define his feelings. Therefore, this type of dream invites you to get organized and realize what you want for your future.

Dreaming of clouds of fire

To have a dream vision with clouds of fire, is associated with the impulsive and energetic personality of the dreamer. Fire is a highly volatile element that spreads easily. Likewise, it is the dreamer’s personality which he must learn to manage in order not to fall into conflicts.

Dreams with falling clouds
The meaning of dreams with falling clouds predicts that some secrets are about to be discovered. The particularity lies in the fact that for the person who dreams it will confuse his life, when these enigmas will be deciphered and known. Consequently, it is advisable to be forewarned to be cautious when they appear and to calculate the results.

Dreaming of clouds and wind

If you have dreamed of clouds and wind, it means that these are in motion, which means that this type of dream refers to resign ourselves to the past and overcome the circumstances that caused us pain without stopping in them. Therefore, we must understand that life is a learning process where we must overcome, change, accept, forgive and follow the path to start again.