To dream of cutting oneself represents in some way the feeling of being humiliated, despised, mistreated or disappointed. A kind of reduction in our sense of importance or self-esteem. The cuts at a psychological level are scourges that we do to ourselves. For that reason, they carry an emotional weight in those who have this type of dream vision.

If you have dreamed of cutting yourself or another person, it may represent feelings of guilt. This is because you caused a problem, either intentionally or unintentionally. Negatively, it may reflect self-injury. Consider the part of the body where you cut yourself. Depending on the part of the body, the shape of the wound and the object used, there will be different interpretations.

Similarly, dreams of cutting something in half represent reducing a problem. It may also reflect a relationship that is breaking up. Cutting is also associated with relationships or connections in your life that are ending. It is even associated with an attempt to completely sever ties with a toxic person or negative energy in some area of your life.


This vision in general can be a concrete sign of something going on at a psychological level that you should pay attention to. Dream interpretations of dreams of this type, suggest that you are letting yourself down in some way, or that someone else has.

Cuts can also be a symbol of femininity according to some dream authors. And if you are a woman, it could mean that you are involved in some feminist movement. While if you are a man and you have had this dream, it is because you are feeling depressed about an old love from the past. However, each variant is different and will depend on other elements that we will present below.

To dream of cutting your hair

If you dreamed of cutting your hair it means a loss of strength. Also, it could mean that, something «new» has happened in your life that has made you review certain aspects. If you have tried to reinvent yourself because of the change you have decided to implement, continue on that path even if you encounter obstacles. Being happy is the reward in the end.

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This dream could also mean that you have changed the way you see the world around you. Things have happened to you that have caused you to currently be experiencing and growing or meditating on something deeper and more meaningful that has made you feel like a new person. This could be due to ending a long-term relationship, a job or a change of residence.

Nail Clipping Dreams

Having a dream vision of cutting your nails can symbolize many accumulated tasks that you have to do in a short period of time. Such a dream may also mean that the person is overly concerned about his or her image and reputation. If you were cutting someone’s nails, this dream means that you will have to work hard to support your family.

If you are a man and you were cutting your nails in your dream, this means that you can only rely on yourself. Your friends and relatives will not be able to help you in the near future and you will have to solve all your problems alone. If you were watching someone else cut their nails in your dream, it means that you must accept that you cannot change your current circumstances.

To dream of cutting off a finger

To dream of cutting off a finger denotes anxiety because you need to perform a demanding task in your real life. Perhaps you are under a lot of stress or you do not feel capable of performing some activity that has recently been assigned to you. Be confident in your abilities and try to be more confident. If you have been assigned that task, it is because you can do it.

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Dreams of cutting your hand

Dreams of cutting off your hand represent contradictory feelings about your projects. You feel hindered in a certain way, and this puts the brakes on solutions to your problems. In another context, a severed hand may reflect your abilities or talents being misdirected by a negative influence or conflict.

To dream of cutting out your tongue

A chilling vision is that of cutting out your tongue. It means that you have told someone too much about your personal affairs, and that person is not to be trusted. If in addition to cutting out your tongue, it predicts that someone is very angry with you because you have said something inappropriate or humiliating. Check yourself and analyze if this is true.

Dreams of cutting your feet

The meaning of dreaming of cutting your feet indicates pain and hurt to others. You may have made decisions lately that have hurt a person. This decision was made consciously and you feel guilty for having caused immense harm to someone who, perhaps, did not deserve it. This dream invites you to analyze your decisions before making them.

To dream of cutting your skin

The interpretation of dreams with cutting one’s skin represents efforts to go beyond our efforts and achieve a goal. Such effort must be made to achieve a financial or professional project. This dream also represents discomfort because of the amount of work you will have to do to achieve your goals.

Dreams of slitting your wrists

When we dream of slitting our wrists it is because we are going through a depressive period in real life. Undoubtedly, it is as painful a vision as experiencing it in real life. It indicates that we are experiencing something so emotionally unbearable, that we are willing to disconnect from our own life so that it will end at once.

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To dream of cutting yourself with a knife

If you have dreamed of cutting yourself with a knife, it is because you are reflecting your repressed anger and impotence. Maybe you are angry with someone around you; it could be anyone, even those closest to you. You feel powerless because you don’t know how to clear things up. It could also be something about you that has made you angry, it’s not necessarily against other people you are angry with.

Dreams about cutting your bangs

This dream of cutting your bangs yourself, signifies negative changes in business. There may be financial losses, sudden deterioration in the workplace. Cutting your bangs in a dream may be a warning that you should postpone any new project, or make maximum efforts to complete what was started so as not to fail.

To dream of cutting yourself with glass

A dream vision with cutting yourself with glass is a symbol of the fragility of things, and the inability to stay in one place for a long period of time. Cutting yourself represents damage that you do not want to see or assimilate for fear of how you will feel in the future.

Dreams about cutting your beard

If you have dreamed of cutting your beard, it has as a symbolism the daily routine. And for younger people, it represents the fear of being hurt by another person. This dream also indicates that you should change your routine a little to clear your mind of stress.

To dream of cutting your face

To dream of cutting your face could be a physical symbol of pain, but this is one of the more traditional interpretations. If you have experienced pain somewhere recently on your face or have hurt yourself badly, seeing a cut in that same place in your dream could be a reminder of that accident.