The name we analyze in this article is related to a mystical person, although quite confident. He has many virtues and his faults are not very contemptible. Read on to know all about the meaning of the name Uriel.

What is the meaning of the name Uriel?


The meaning of Uriel has religious connotations, and is that it means the fire of God. Experts translate it as a power that is associated with the desire to live and with the Holy Spirit in all its splendor. It is even a symbol for many people, like the fire of the four elements. Besides, he’s a man who hides a lot inside him.

It is characterized by having a high capacity for observation, being able to see far beyond the obvious, in the deepest of people’s minds just by looking into their eyes.

What is Uriel’s origin or etymology?

The origin of the name Uriel has roots in Hebrew, with religious connotations. We can find the first references of this name in the “Old Testament”, it is that they are named in several verses. One of the references alludes to a descendant of Core, we also have the King of Judah, Abijah.

We can also find relationships with the Jewish religion: one of the seven archangels was Uriel. However, this name may be inaccurate, as in some extracts that have been obtained it is known as Vretil, Nuriel or Auriel. In any case, it relates to hope, to the flame that burns forever. We can even find it in many texts of the Apocalypse.

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In case you are interested to know how this archangel is depicted, the most common thing is to wear a red-fire garment, representing this element of life. However, it is best not to make the mistake of confusing it with hell, since it has no negative connotations.

Uriel in other languages

It is very difficult to find the name Uriel written differently.

  • In Catalan, It is written the same way: Uriel.
  • In Italian it has this variation: Uriele.
  • In French and English it is written the same way.
  • In Russian, you find it as Уриэль.
  • In Hebrew, it is spelled as follows: אוריאל.

Famous by the name of Uriel

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a famous with this name, but the thing changes if we travel in time some centuries. There are many important historical figures:

  • A Portuguese philosopher who would create a tendency in 16th century theology: Uriel da Costa.

How is Uriel?

Children bearing this name are capable and very determined people. They are characterized by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by life, at any level. It is also materialistic, though spiritual. If any target is presented, they will do their utmost to achieve it. In addition, he is a safe and autonomous individual.

It also requires a great deal, as well as a great deal of pressure from people around it. I like people to share everything they know, and this is also reflected in their personal relationships. He will always try to satisfy his partner, albeit in a delicate and subtle way. Sometimes he’s a little rough about his personality.

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Another feature of the Uriel personality is that we are talking about a firm Man, although sometimes he may seem arrogant. It is able to analyze in detail all the challenges presented to it in its day to day. At a professional level, he will mix his ability for mathematics with the humanities, which makes him achieve an interesting success.