Egocentrically romantic, This Is Vanessa, a person who always struggled to do what she thinks is right thing, although sometimes it leads to the most absolute disaster, do not stop reading about this interesting name its etymology will surprise you.

What can Vanessa’s name tell us?


“Vain woman” and of similarity to the male name Fernando, curiously this name does not come from latin, but there are details that call our attention a lot.

Always the center of attention as if it were an adonis, egocentrism has been born for her, she needs love and tenderness, attention and contact in a continuous way to be happy, cheerful, disparate and fun, those who know her agree that there can not be two equal women with whom you will surely never waste time.

Working Vanessa is a person who does not stop trying new ways of business, can undertake without rest until finding the job that brings the most benefits either economically or intellectually, she is a good team worker and her employees or colleagues are always happy with their way of working. She has leadership gifts; if he manages to reach important positions in the company there will be no one who can stop her; she will manage to raise the performance of the company and her bosses will be very happy with the work


When she falls in love she does it for life forming a family that will protect until the end, the education of her children will always be open-minded, liberal and letting both your ideals and your ideas fly to the top, always without imposing any kind of impediment on them along the way. One of the most important traits of your way of being is the ability to put the needs of others before your own, and this can cause you some trouble.

Etymology or origin of Vanessa

Contrary to popular belief that this name comes from Latin, it comes from the hand of a British writer Johnatan Swift quoting it in one of his novels in the eighteenth century and letting his student Esther read it for the first time.

What we do know is that Vanessa is based on two terms, they are the beginning of her student Esther Vanhomright’s surname and Essa the hypocritical in some English-speaking countries.

We can find her with the affectionate diminutive of Vane.

How can we find Vanessa’s name in other languages?

Vanessa is a relatively young name so she has not yet given time to have variations of writer in the different languages, a name so current that it is preserved in a wonderful way.

Wich famous people can we meet with the name of Vanessa?

We have a wide list of women who carry this fabulous name to the top.

  • Recognized and beloved actress Vanessa Guzman.
  • Perhaps less well-known but equally talented Vanessa A. Hudgens.
  • Vanessa L Carlton great woman who devotes her life to art and music.
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