Victor Name Meaning

Today we bring you the masculine form of the name Victoria which you can also find in this blog. It alludes to a man who is positive, but realistic at the same time, feisty and sociable. Read on to learn more about the meaning of Victor.

What is the meaning of the name Victor?


Victor can be translated as «Victorious man». It is the male variation of Victory, so it is also related to achieving one’s goals in life.

In relation to the Personality of the man Victor, we have before us a person who stands out for being extroverted, a friend of his friends and a very valued person in his environment. He cannot be alone: he needs the company of others to be happy. Let’s say he is like a faucet that overflows with joy when he opens it. However, if he is alone for too long, he begins to be sad.

At work, Victor is a person who needs to socialize, to have contact with the environment, so it is very common for him to work in the field of public relations, in customer service, or as a salesman. To keep his mind always working, he needs a profession that absorbs him, that prevents him from getting stressed. He has managerial gifts to lead many employees, and can climb the ladder quickly.

At the love level, Victor will try to be faithful, but he will not always succeed. His intention is to be faithful, but he can’t avoid that his relationships start to cool down. He prefers to go slowly before making the decision of commitment, to be sure with the man or woman with whom he wants to live forever. It will be then when he will dedicate the same time to his friendships. He is a detail-oriented person who will make you become a very dear person.

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Finally, in relation to the family, Victor must be the patriarch of the family, in order not to feel oppressed. It is something closed to exercise as a father, and this can make him have some problems with his children. His wife acts as an intermediary in communication, trying to create a favorable climate in the home.

origin or etymology of Victor

The origin of this male name has roots in Latin, it derives from the term «Victoris», hence it is related to «Victorious». Therefore, this name became a very important one for Christian people, as superstition was very common in those times. In addition, many saints were also called Victor.

Throughout the 19th century this name became even better known thanks to the Savoy family. The Duke of Savoy had the name Victor. The last Italian King also had this name.

It has some variations such as Victoriano, and the diminutive Vic.

The feminine form of the name Victor is Victoria.

Victor in other languages

The only variation in other languages is found in Italian, where it is written as Vittorio. In English, German and French it is written in the same way: Victor.

Famous people named Victor

  • The great poet and writer Victor Hugo.
  • Former Barcelona soccer player Víctor Valdés.
  • Víctor Claver is another soccer player.