We all like to succeed in life, right? If this is the case, I recommend that you stay and read the article of this name, because today we will talk about success, optimism and things that are going well. Let’s see what the origin and meaning of victory is.

What does the name Victoria mean?


Victoria means «the triumphant woman” or «the successful woman».

The personality of this name is winning, not by luck, but by constant work and effort. One of the main reasons for his success is his open mind. He doesn’t see a single path in life, contemplate many valid options, doesn’t have a preconceived idea of people and things. Her way of thinking is in constant change.

At work, everything is an advantage to Victoria. Attaches very well on any computer. Her liberal attitude allows her to adapt to the different situations that arise over time, and she acquires an experience that serves her to succeed in the field of work. Usually devoted to areas such as advocacy, providing advice to large companies, etc, Their peers often feel very satisfied and inspired with it.

In love, the name Victoria is associated with a prosperous and happy life. There will never be a man missing in her life who supports her. If they’re not made for each other, Victoria will find her soul mate. It often conveys optimism to her partner, sometimes she needs to be a little more attentive, but she solves it quickly. Prosperity is a word that is written in your destiny and that will never leave aside. For her love, it’s lucky to have her around.

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In friendship, Victoria likes to interact with people during her youth, a time when she will build many friendships that will last throughout her life. She’ll always have someone even if she doesn’t need it. Instead, she may be a little less attentive, but she’s still a good friend.

With her family, especially her children, she will be a woman who will educate them with an open mind and will not impose her orders without first arguing them.

Origin or etymology of Victoria

The origin of this name goes back to Latin, specifically the Roman Goddess Victoria, whom so many men and women praised and respected in the hope of prosperity in her life. This name has a male variant: Victor.

Victoria in other languages

There are several languages in which you will find a variant of this feminine name.

  • In Italian it is written Vittoria.
  • In Germany you can meet Viktoria.

Famous by the name Victoria

  • A tennis player of Russian origin, Victoria Azarenka.
  • A singer who was part of the Spice Girls Group Victoria Beckham.