Many stones have therapeutic and magical properties that we can use to our benefit as long as we know exactly what stone is appropriate for each occasion. Stones, gems, crystals and others were formed thousands of years ago, some long before humans appeared on earth, and have absorbed energies of all kinds giving them properties that are now available to us.

There are powerful magical stones that help us to channel our own energy, channeling our potential and accompanying us on our way to a better and perfectly balanced life. They are like a great little gift that nature gives us, so it is important to learn about gemstones and their meaning: it is the way to understand them and to be able to benefit from their properties.

How to know which is my personal stone

The use of stones as amulets can be traced back millennia in the history of man so it should not be strange to you that there are people who have personal stones, those stones that they feel provide them with help in their lives. Perhaps you might consider seeking out your personal stone to have the support of its power with you to help you improve both inside and out, for yourself and for others as well.

This personal stone does not have to be related to your horoscope, nor does it have to be the most expensive stone in your usual store, nor does it have to have any special characteristics. It just needs to be a stone that you feel a special connection with, whether it’s a stone you found in the field or one that cost you a few bucks.

There is no special trick to finding your personal stone. Just focus on asking the Universe for it and let it come to you. Maybe it’s a stone that catches your eye in a store or on a field trip. Or maybe someone just happens to give you a stone that you feel differently about.

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How magic stones become charged

Magical stones lose some of their energy as we use them, so it is convenient to clean and recharge them so they do not lose their effectiveness. These are very simple processes. To clean the magical stones we only have to leave them one night under the New Moon in a container with salt water.

It is important to note that the container should only be used for this function; in this way, it will not be contaminated with energies from other uses. Once the stones are clean, it is time to recharge them again. If in the previous operation we have used the power of the Moon, this time we will use the power of the Sun leaving the stones under its influence from sunrise to sunset.

It is convenient that in addition to this process of cleaning and recharging the magical stones, we impregnate them with our personal essence since they are linked to us when we use them. We can cover them with the palm of our hand while imagining that a white light is emanating from it and also blow softly three times over them symbolizing that we are giving them part of our soul.

How to program the magic stones

You may have heard on occasions that it is necessary to program the magical stones so that they have the effect we desire. You know that each stone is useful for several aspects but sometimes we only need to focus on one of them: that is what stone programming is for. To program, activate or charge a magic stone is basically to tell a stone what we need from it, how it can help us.

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It is important to know that it is not necessary to program a stone for it to work, but it is convenient to do so as it is a way to clearly establish what we want. Of course, we must always program a stone based on the properties it already has. Then, always carry the stone with you whatever you do and little by little you will become aware of its effects to the point that it will no longer seem like an inert object but a being with life that communicates with you in some way.

Magic stones for weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most pursued goals in the world because it requires a great sacrifice that sometimes, either by metabolism or any other reason, does not give the desired results.

However… did you know that magic stones can help you lose weight? We are going to give you the name of some magic stones that you can use to reach your ideal weight: you just have to clean and recharge them as we have explained above and then, take them with you and let yourself go by instinct.

  • Amethyst: reduces anxiety so you can use it to control the urge to eat even if you are not hungry.
  • Angelite: balances internal body fluids and acts as a diuretic.
  • Aragonite: it is an appetite suppressant and also creates acceptance and discipline.
  • Heliotrope: improves metabolism and detoxifies the organism.
  • Carnelian: helps to improve overall health and also to avoid snacking between meals
  • Citrine quartz: improves digestion and eliminates both physical and psychological negativity.
  • Rose quartz: will make you love yourself more so it will reduce your eating disorder.
  • Topaz: helps to burn calories
  • Cyanite: is useful to combat cravings and avoid snacking all day.
  • Sodalite: balances energy and balances metabolism.
  • Peridot: balances compulsive and eating disorders
  • Sunstone: calms hunger and improves health
  • Tiger’s eye: improves digestion and raises self-esteem.
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