White is the combination of all the colors of the rainbow, so the meaning of the color white is partly the combination of all the colors that form it. The main meaning of white is purity, although it has many other meanings and in different fields it changes. The meanings of white in psychology, in marketing, and in everyday life are different, and also the effects they have on the mood vary greatly depending on their combination, state and exposure.

Let’s start with the meanings that white conveys, unconsciously, what many people normally relate to white without knowing it, that is, innocence and goodness. Psychologically, we relate white with doctors and nurses, and therefore white is usually related to health and safety.

In addition to these meanings of white, one that is often used a lot, both in medicine, psychology and marketing, is the definition of white as «clean». This is the reason why white is used as a kitchen uniform, as it represents cleanliness. Another meaning of white in marketing is simplicity and freshness. These are often used to promote simple technology products or aromatic cleaning products.

The meanings of the color white in the field of fashion and clothing, are quite similar to the meanings discussed above, and are used to convey purity, simplicity and sincerity, but there are a couple of things that white conveys when in clothing, unique to this area: transparency. This is especially true when we talk about favorite colors, those people who consider their favorite color white, tend to be more transparent, and do not like to hide information.

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The meaning of the color white in China: death, mourning and grief.

It is surprising to see that in several Asian cultures, white has meanings contrary to Western ones. We can highlight the meanings of the color white in Chinese culture, where this color represents:

  • Death
  • Autumn
  • Extinction

This does not mean that white is a color with negative tonalities, it also represents strength, purity and organization. We have to consider that white represents Yin, and the ancestral spirits that struggle to maintain the balance between darkness and light in the universe, so it is normal that white has a more violent meaning.

With this more alternative note we will end our review of the meanings of white. As always, we would like to remind you, that this is a simple and quick look at the meanings of white, and that we have not commented on all of its meanings. It is worth noting that we have omitted its implications in Western religions, and its combinations with other colors. Both of these we have left out, as they vary greatly depending on your point of view, white is a very complex color (representing simplicity!), which has many meanings. An example of this is that white is used to convey total isolation, separation between people and loneliness, yet it represents the most important relationships between people.