The meaning of the color yellow is defined by its relationship with the sun, so this color is mainly related to good mood, joy, and is considered an energizing color, from a more material point of view, yellow is related to gold, which gives it a myriad of meanings.

In this article we will talk about all the meanings of yellow, both from a psychological and cultural point of view, we will also comment on the relationship of yellow with the chakras and its role in marketing.

The main meanings of yellow are:

  • Sun representation
  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Security and stability

These are the main meanings of yellow, most of these come from its relationship to the sun, in addition to these, we would have to comment on its relationship with cowardice and luxury.

When it comes to dressing, the meaning of yellow tends to be carefree and to attract attention. This is also transferred to marketing, where yellow is mainly used to sell luxury products, because of its relation to gold, and to call attention; although its but it is also usually associated with the ideas of:

  • Happiness
  • Summer
  • Fun
  • Youth
  • Energetic

Thanks to new cultural influences, the meaning of the color yellow has evolved a lot in recent years, especially with the entry of the Feng Shui philosophy, which considers it as the representative color of the Manipura chakra, the third spiritual chakra.

According to Feng Shui, yellow, in addition to the meanings mentioned above, also represents wisdom, personal power, and the relationship with the material world.

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In the field of psychology, the meaning of yellow varies a flake compared to the previous meanings.

According to color psychology, yellow represents intelligence and stimulates creativity, that is why you can find classrooms painted in this color. Keep in mind that in excess this color has been shown to generate emotional instability and can become disturbing, so it is often combined with colors like blue and green which have soothing properties.

With this we finish this article on the meanings of yellow, if you are looking for any other relationship of this color, we recommend you to visit the entries of the colors that are defined by yellow as orange and green.