There are days when I want to talk about different names less frequent in hispanic countries. They are names that the infrequency that you find them seem precious to you. Zoe is a short, magical, pleasant name and so many others-positive ables. It reminds me of my childhood and delicacy. That’s why today I want to tell you about the origin and meaning of Zoe.

What does the name Zoe mean


Zoe means «that brings vitality». And it is that the mere fact of hearing this name makes you want to live, to return to your most innocent childhood. She’s like a fairy godmother.

As it could not be otherwise, Zoe’s personality evokes optimism and joy. She is a beautiful woman inside, with a lot of positivism that infects others. With her friends, she is the closest relationship. She likes to be intimate in a group and to encourage the communicative collaboration of all. Create very intense friendship bonds that will last a lifetime.

At work, the transmission of Zoe’s life is evoked from positions as diverse as the cheerleader, a painter of works of art or the show. She can be an excellent actress if she proposes. She stimulates teamwork, so she is usually a good leader.

In her love life, Zoe is a romantic and passionate person, just like other women’s names. Wake up your partner with a smile, and fidelity is a characteristic feature of your personality. However, you may become depressed if you find out they are cheating on you. Sometimes it is difficult for her to commit, as she is somewhat insecure.


In the family, she follows the Feng Shui pattern. Zoe keeps her home tidy so that positive energy flows. Their children are born healthy and happy. She spends a lot of time with her own every afternoon that his job allows her. Avoid problems at all costs between different family members.

Origin or etymology of Zoe

The origin of Zoe name is found in the Greek language. The etymology of the term is «life», which ended up being translated as «full of vitality».

One of the first news of this name, if I’m not mistaken, is with The Empress of the Byzantine Empire, back in the eleventh century.

How do you spell Zoe in other languages?

Unfortunately, a name as beautiful as Zoe has not received any variant in another language. The advantage is that we will always be able to contemplate its essence.

Instead, the name itself if it has variants that are used globally: Zhoe or Zoeh.

What well-known people are there with this name?

In the world of celebrities we can find ourselves some women who are called that.

  • The well-known actress Zoe Akins.
  • The famous writer Zoe Valdés.